NeoSession IM community for web sites

Instant Messaging community and Live Applications for any web site


Let your imagination run wild. Any interaction application is now at your fingertips, with this easy to use, handy tool for Instant Messaging based application development.

Embed live instant messaging community in your web site. The wizard enables the creation of a complete Live Community with just a couple of clicks.
It can also help with the creation of applications for E-commerce, E-learning, Auctions and more by embedding necessary functions such as:
'Push to ALL', 'Send message';
and event handlers such as:
'OnReceivedMessage', 'OnReceivedPush' and more.

Use our Help and Reference to learn more about our scripting and design possibilities,
To use the Seebex Instant Messaging plug-in (Only 250K), a NeoSession server is required.

A free server version can be downloaded from:

NeoSession server supports Windows NT/2000, Linux and Unix operating systems.

Sample URL:


Type: Command
Product: Dreamweaver 3


The SEEBEX site is not online to download the free neosession server...

October 25, 2001 by Tore Woodall

At least it hasn't been since I have been trying to download the free server that is mentioned here.  If anybody has a copy of the server, it would be great if you could make it available. 



RE: The SEEBEX site is not online to download the free neosession server...

December 20, 2001 by vestal vestal

has anyone got a copy of the server.. I would like to try this out if possible...

thanks in advance


Seebex is down

January 9, 2002 by a a

if anyone has a copy of the server or help files/working example.. seems to be constantly dead, I cant access any of it and so cant try out the IM client.


The Website not foud

March 7, 2002 by javier mauricio

The Website not foud!!!!

I try to enter the site and not foud the page! or the server is down!!!

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