• What this book does, and who it’s for

Meet the Authors

  • Allan Kent
  • Gareth Downes-Powell

1. A PHP/CSS Searchable Image Gallery.

  • The Basic Image Gallery
  • Thumbnailing a Portion of an Image
  • Making Use of Thumbnails
  • Loose Ends and Enhancements

2. A PHP Based Registration and Confirmation E-mail System

  • Creating the Application Structure
  • Building A Simple Test Script
  • Validating Users with Validation Code Images
  • User Management and Log In
  • A Login System
  • Enhancing the Application – Password Encryption and Retrieval

3. A PHP Based Calendar Application

  • Building the Calendar
  • Styling the Calendar
  • Working with Dates with MySQL
  • PHP Commands for Working with Dates & Timestamps
  • Expanding the Calendar – Linking to Events
  • Creating the Details page to Display Events
  • Building the Add Record Page
  • Building a Page to Edit and Delete Calendar Entries

4. A PHP Based Custom Web Statistics Application

  • Logging Visitor Data
  • Analysing the Data
  • Displaying the Results
  • Graphing the Statistics

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