Chris Charlton
December 13, 2004


"Dormant" Macromedia Certified in Flash, Dreamweaver; certificates in Fireworks, Freehand, XML, MS Access.

Into PHP/MySQL right now, XHTML/CSS these days, of course. Grew up involved with disability communities, so of course web accessibility is in top 5 of my list when developing.

*DMXzone Majestic Member - December 2004

About extensions
Pure PHP Upload and Smart Mailer PHP totally cut down my development time for client sites. One client is begging for a HTML newsletter mailer, and it looks like Smart Mailer PHP is going to save the day again with just a few clicks! Client works can be found at my site, .

About DMXzone
"Being a member for years shows DMXzone truly is an indispensable resource for developers and designers of all levels. High quality articles bring me back daily. Certification courses teach the tools (Dreamweaver), but sites like DMXzone teach and ease the dirty work involved when actually using those tools. I'm proud contributing back to the community that help build me higher in this tangled World Wide Web"

Articles by Chris Charlton

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  • SQL: Speed LIMITs
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