Redirecting pages automatically
June 15, 2001 by Mark Reynolds

I want to have an index.htm, which has a flash movie that displays
the company logo; I want it to redirect to my frameset.htm when done. How do I get it to do this? Does Dreamweaver help show me how to do this or am I going to have to learn the code?

Whilst Dreamweaver help is very comprehensive here are a few quick methods for you to try!

1. Put the redirect in the last frame of your movie

2. Use the basic meta refresh function in Dreamweaver

3. Put a Go To URL behaviour on the last frame of your Timeline

4. Insert this bit of code after you title tag in the DW code window:

<meta http equiv="refresh"content="45;url=">

The content="45;url=http...bit is where you set the delay to redirect to the page title of your choice. 45 being 45 seconds.

If you are unsure of how to add a Go To URL in the last timeline see Flash Help Files or go to Good luck!

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