Database Speed

January 6, 2005 by Kev Brown

Ok - first off, look who's displaying the article. SQLite. Second of all, nice that they compare the most recent version of SQLite with an older version of Postgres.

Third, and most importantly, you're comparing apples and oranges here - it's like comparing Access to Oracle. Sure SQLite is faster than PostgreSQL, but it doesn't support a multitude of features or complience factors that PostgreSQL does. Users, Groups, Schemas, Tablespaces and permissions to name but a few. I think that this benchmark set would be much more valid if they gave examples of applications where this would be used.

I'm currently in the process of implementing SQLite for my website - purely for data presentation. As a data storage method it is severely lacking and nowhere near strong enough to sun any type of aapplication off. PostgreSQL is a database, SQLite is a dat file interpreter/SQL interface, let's not dress it up any more than that. To call it a database is a bit of a stretch.

Just thought I'd chip that in.