ColdFusion MX 7

Coldfusion MX 7ColdFusion MX 7 introduces powerful new application services including rich Flash forms generation, structured reports, and dynamic generation of printable documents allowing you to dynamically create PDF or FlashPaper documents and send them as e-mail attachments.

Create Printable Web Content

Dynamically transform web content into high-quality, printable, portable documents in PDF and FlashPaper formats using a single tag.

Build Rich, High-Quality Forms

Create rich Flash forms in minutes using just a few ColdFusion tags. Re-skin forms easily across applications.

Get Mobile with ColdFusion—Extend Beyond the Browser

Easily interface to SMS text-messaging, instant messaging clients, and other Internet protocols to reach customers in new, exciting ways.

And more...

  • New CFCHART Engine
  • XML Forms
  • Flash Forms and Controls
  • Improved Text Searching Capabilities
  • Improved Form Validation
  • Parameter Validation
  • Strong Encryption
  • Cross-site Scripting Attack Prevention
  • Enhanced Web Services Support
  • EAR/WAR Deployment
  • Sourceless Deployment
  • Administrator API
  • Macromedia JRun Included
  • High-Performance Reporting and Document Generation
  • ... and more.