Losing site definition files. The Solution Please.

October 6, 2001 by Brant Willinson

I have repeatedly lost all of my site definition files, and have not found a solution for backing them up.  This may be happening when I have dreamweaver open and the computer crashes on another program.  If this is the case, I need to be able to back them up somewhere.  Can anyone give me a hint as to where this information is stored, and how to recopy it where it belongs in case its lost as in my experience?

Or, is it already stored and I just need to have some bright person inform me as to where it is?  I say this because one of the times I expereinced it I got the info back somehow; maybe it was when I restored an earlier version of my registry, but I can't think with Dreamweaver using the registry to save this info, so I really don't know how it was replaced where it belonged after a couple of days...

RE: Losing site definition files. The Solution Please.

October 7, 2001 by Mark Reynolds

Correct me if I am wrong Brant - But when you have a site set up and the site defined DW should automatically define the site when you open that site from within DW. Ubnless there is another way??



registry loss cause of missing site definition - and solution

October 10, 2001 by Brant Willinson
It turned out to be a loss of registry data.  I don't know if you understood me, but in learning to back up dreamweaver site definitions via my registry, I have now isolated some strange quirks about scanreg.  Apparently it gives you only the 5 earliest registry copies.  So even if you change the scanreg file in the windows folder to allow up to 99 different registry copies, only the earliest five in the sysbckup folder actually show up....  I had to cut the older stuff into a temp folder so scanreg would allow me to select a recent one....Amazing but true.

RE: RE: Losing site definition files. The Solution Please.

September 12, 2002 by jankster jankster


I have installed DW MX and for about 1 week, it was running great, until one morning, all 17 sites that I had defined were just gone.   And it told me I had no sites defined.

I never uninstalled Dream Weaver 4.0 and can use the sites in there just fine and I am able to use the 4.0 site files perfectly.  

What is the ?? Why, and How Do I fix it ??