Sams Teach Yourself ASP 3.0 in 21 Days
July 5, 2001 Source article
Learn ASP 3.0 from beginning to end with this book.

This book goes through great detail regarding ASP 3.0 from the very beginning to complex coding. The book is written by 2 excellent authors. Both are behind a leading ASP web site I think that says enough regarding the authors' credibility, as the site has served as an authority regarding ASP implementation within the web development community and especially within the UltraDev communtiy of web developers.

This book is also an excellent reference to have. If you know nothing or very little about ASP and want to learn, then buy this book. It will bring you up to speed for sure. Please note that the authors use VBscript as the scripting language of choice throughout the book's examples.

It is also important to mention that this book will serve as a great companion for UltraDev users who build sites in ASP. You will be able to understand the code that is automated, thus be able to tweak and reform it according to your standards. You will understand how to read and write cookies, query strings, session variables, connect to databases, insert, delete and update records. You will be able to write all this code yourself! no kidding.

Not only this, but if you thought programming was hard and was scared to even attempt to learn ASP then throw your fears away. This book is an extremely easy read and likewise are going through the tutorials. The authors barely have made any mistakes in the book and explain the code with extreme comprehensiveness.

In addition, the authors take great care in their explanations. It isn't like topic, then a paragraph or two, next topic then another paragraph or two.  The authors have comprehensive, thorough and meaningful explanations to each and every subject presented in this book and you can feel that they are authoritative on the subject, like college Professors.

If you dont know anything about ASP, by the time you finish this book, you will be an ASP developer. That is how good Scott Mitchell is a teacher. If you know some ASP, you will learn the rest and if you know everything, you will be amazed at how much Scott Mitchell shows you.

What is especially great is that they also give you insight to various methodologies when scripting and things that can go wrong. They also detail when to use specific objects, variables, or specific code and when not to.

If you bought a Sams book before and didn't like it for whatever reason, dont let that be the judge for this book. It is the Authors that make this book, not the publication.

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Beginning ASP Database
November 17, 2006 by LorD ExoskeletoN
When i was in college, i have a thesis project. it is about a website for a car on sale online, i bought a book entitled "Beginning ASP Database" by JOHN KAUFFMAN. This book was published by WROX but later on I dont know what happen it was sold to another publisher, i forgot the name but you can search on it. It really helps...its great...easy to follow examples...perfectly made for beginners and average ASP programmers!