thanks chris

August 20, 2001 by Ian Drew

i have been looking for solution all day thanks chris :0)

should have come here first DOH

RE: thanks chris

August 20, 2001 by Chris von Nieda

Glad I could help Ian.  Thanks for the post!


Redirect to URL

September 9, 2001 by James Richie

Here is something that may be of use to users of this extention.

Insert this line before the Response.Redirect to redirect to a page with the information of the newly inserted record.

MM_editRedirectURL = MM_editRedirectURL & "?Record_ID=" & LastIdent

credit to Thomas Muck


I did not know where to change my code

January 22, 2002 by nicolas diogo

I could not find the right place to change the code.

The code on my page seems to be different from the one presented.

Can I ask for further assistance?

Thank you Chris

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