Problems for FireFox?
March 9, 2005 by Erwin Altena Source article

No, it's not a vulnerability for FireFox, it has to do with the lack of active FireFox developers. There is a group of six working on the project, but 4 of them are AWOL (absence without leave). So only 2 remain, and only one of them makes code reviews. You can say that the FireFox program is heavily undermanned. Mike Conner, one of the developers of FireFox have focused on this problem.

It's a bad period for FireFox to deal with this program, the program is still gaining popularity, but when no one is on the developing site, the program can lose popularity when patches or updates are needed.

The dates on the roadmap for FireFox 2.0 could be delayed. Conner is not optimistic for the future, however a solution could be to take some developers from the Mozilla Foundation, we hope that they will find a solution soon.

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RE: RE: That is good news
May 12, 2006 by Gus ELias
Bah! IE lovers... Hey Jeff don't waste your time explaining why Firefox is perfect and better than IE, all IE users will think twice before use it after trying the IE7 (so-called trash, crap, and Big Microsoft mistake after vista). MEH!
Firefox crap? No way!
March 16, 2005 by Joost Meij
I do not hate IE but I just love Forefox and think it's the best browser available. The more you use it the better it gets!
RE: You what ?
March 12, 2005 by Jeff Whitfield
Could someone remove this guy's posts!! He's a freakin' idiot!! Not to mention his comments with all the cussing is completely uncalled for!! F#$kin' idiot!
RE: You really need it spelt out ?
March 11, 2005 by Jeff Whitfield

It's, slow, non-fault tolerent,
What OS are you using and what are your system specs? I've been using Firefox since the 0.7 beta and have never had a problem with speed or stability. Compared to IE, I rarely ever have a browser crash. Only time I ever had it 'really' crash is when I went to a site that had Microsoft Java specific code.

won't use my realplayer,
Take a look here: Notice that they do have a legitimate RealPlayer plugin, which is basically the same plugin used for other Mozilla/Netscape browsers. The difference here is that it's easier to install...pretty much a no-brainer.

images and fonts are all wrong, so? Are you talking about how images are placed on a page? And mean how fonts are displayed based on the CSS of the page? I'm looking at the DMXZone site right now with both IE and Firefox and don't see any real difference in the way images and text are displayed.

it's css handling is analy retentive,it's css handling is analy retentive,
Yeah...and rightfully so! IE is soooo forgiving of bad HTML and CSS's pathetic! For the most part, Firefox adheres to standards set by the W3C ( which cannot be said of IE. Sloppy code and bad design are no excuses for why Firefox would render a page poorly. Either a web designer builds and tests their pages with good, well-written HTML and CSS code...or they do not.

it even expects you yo use cursor:pointer not cursor:hand , well sorry my mouse starts as a pointer and turns to a hand
Wrong! Go here and test it for yourself...that is, if you still have Firefox installed:

- say no more, explain no more - FireFox is CRAP!'s in the eye of the beholder. Use the browser you're most comfortable and happy with. If you don't like Firefox then don't use it. But get your facts straight. Most of what you're saying about Firefox isn't true. It's a very solid and stable browser...not to mention a pretty secure one! One of the reasons I switched was due to the lack of security inherent in IE...I was simply getting tired of getting so much spyware even after I updated to SP2. Since switching to Firefox, I rarely if ever have any problems with spyware. Plus, there is no tabbed browsing built in to IE...which is something of a blessing in Firefox with all the power browsing I do.

As a web designer, it's your responsibility to ensure that the websites you build can be viewed with the widest number of browsers out there. Leaving out Firefox would not be very wise. The same could apply to Opera, Safari, Netscape, and others. Put the blame on Firefox if you want to...but strict CSS, DHTML, and XML standards are here to stay.

Nuff said! :)

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