Two extensions

June 30, 2001 by Marcello Cerruti

The "ghost scrollbars" are wieved only with IE, so the attribute is ignored by Opera and Netscape.

Two extensions are available at both written by Massimo Foti:

  • Set IE Scrollbar, a Command full of time-saving options;
  • Body Inspector, a Property Inspector

What seems curious to me is that, albeit you can set all the body attributes with CSS and, since vers.5.5, IE support scrollbar styles (to create coloured scrollbars), there is not such a style about scrolling options.


still space when using autoscroll

July 5, 2001 by folkert jongbloed
I noticed some space when using the autoscroll. The space for the scrollbar is still in the page although you can't see it. A centrered table for example won't centre completely because there is some 'gost' space where the scroll bar might come if the table is excessing the pageformat...