Flash Cocktails: Everything you need to know to be a master Flash bartender

Produce applications using ActionScript.

Ever wanted to build interactive applications but didn’t know how?

This book shows you how to produce applications using ActionScript. Sas uses step by step tutorials to explain you the inner workings of Flash.

Covering a cocktail with Flash ingredients like; ActionScript for Designers, Flash Presentations, Flash Photo Gallery, Flash polls, creating an mp3 player and using Flash components, this release will help you to produce amazing Flash content.

Note: Requires Flash MX 2004

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Basic Ingredients - Actionscript for designers

  • Getting started..
  • Going into detail.

Presentation - Flash Presentations

  • Enhancing a powerpoint presentation created from a template.
  • Creating a new template with keyboard shortcuts.

Presentation - Flash Photo Gallery

  • Using XML.
  • Providing data for your Photo Gallery.
  • Extending the photo gallery.

Tasting the cocktail - Building a Flash Poll

  • Creating a basic Flash Poll.
  • Displaying a basic chart and updating results.
  • Creating classes.
  • Extending the classes.

Setting the right mood - Creating an MP3 Player

  • Building a basic Flash MP3 Player.
  • Creating an MP3 player using classes.

Improving the ingredients - Flash components

  • Data components – XML made easy.
  • Creating a MyLinks manager with Flash MX 2004 UI components.
  • Querying Amazon with Flash..
  • Creating a Flash Date Picker for HTML pages.
  • Changing the appearance of components.



PDF book made better

May 10, 2005 by Sam Bisignano
This appears to be an very good source of information on Flash. However, I would also recommend some Flash presentations with audio that show how to perform the examples in your book. Reading is great, but a video is also a great source of training. It appears that trainging videos are growing in popularity. Good luck on your book.

A useful 'mid-level' book

July 5, 2005 by Jason North

I recently started using Flash in my web sites, and primarily found two types of books on the subject :

  1. Tutorials for absolute beginners with 'toy code' exercises (if any)
  2. Detailed, in depth material for advanced users

Cocktails presented a middle level, for folks who have a basic understanding of the topic, and presented some useful applications in the examples (the MP3 player was a nice starting point a project I was working on).  I'm no expert, but I would qualify this as a very handy set of examples.

Great for Learning

July 6, 2005 by leonel Serra
I'm a webdesign teacher, and I'm always looking for tutorials and documentation that makes me always a step ahead, of the commonly uses of Flash. This book is great for explaining some technologies that Flash provides, namely the use of XML. I'm lookinf forward for new Flash books

A great book on Flash

July 6, 2005 by Don Lamb
I'm new to web design and the DMXZone but this is another helpful and insightful book.  I did a site years back on frontpage 98, a copy & paste page, but recently I've decided to add web design to my graphic arts to start a business and all the articles I've punched have helped me along the way.  And just as with the other articles Flash Cocktails by Sas Jacobs has guided me along the way to learning more of what I need to know.  I am now able to use actionscript and explore new uses with it.  I'd recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn Flash.

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