DMXzone 2.0: Highlights of the new features

After months of hard work, we're proud to present DMXzone 2.0. It has been designed to make it easier and much more fun to use. We'll be happy to receive any feedback if you find any problems, errors or if you have suggestions

Do not hesitate to post a comment in our forum.

USB 3.0 will Crush eSATA, FireWire

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Intel presented a working version of USB 3.0. It's expected to hit the market in early 2010. The current USB 2.0 runs at a maximum speed of 480Mbps.

jQuery 1.3 Released on it's 3rd Birthday

3 years ago, a young and talanted developer put out a personal project to the OSS world. 3 years later his side project become one of the most influential frameworks for developing JavaScript-based applications. Today, the jQuery project turns 3 years old which, considering the churn rate for open source projects, is a monumental achievement.

Some YouTube Videos Can be Downloaded

While users have long been able to grab YouTube clips both with Flash rippers and H.264 stream downloaders, this would be the first time such an option has appeared on the site as an official offering. The new option gives users a full-quality H.264 file--the very same copy that's sent out to YouTube-capable set top boxes and iPhones.

Something Big is About to Happen

It is a secret! Don't tell anyone but the Dynamic Zones team has being very busy for a long time not only with producing high quality extensions for you but also with a full new redesign and remake of the CMS of,, and!

Be the first to see what's new and how you can benefit from the new features and the new design.

Carol Bartz Becomes Yahoo CEO

Yahoo's new CEO is the former Autodesk's executive chairman. Her challenges will include adapting from a successful but relatively unknown software company to a struggling media company whose internet properties used by hundreds of millions of people.

Google Adds' https Mode to Chrome 2.0

The final version of Chrome 2.0 should appear in a few weeks and includes a new edition of the Webkit rendering engine. Google has added in their latest pre-beta ( a http-mode that would allow people to only view https websites. This method increases surfing security and is activated automatically when a https website is visited.

Skype Slimmed-down for Mobile Phones

Skype has announced a slimmed-down version to run on virtually all mobile phones. The Java version is also compatible for mobile phones with Google's Android operating system.

Donation Surge Saves Wikipedia

Wikipedia has managed to secure enough funding to keep running for another year. In addition to maintain the site it requires $6m to pay its staff. The online encyclopedia relies on user-generated content and edits but it had raised only $3.8m of the money shortly before Christmas.

Software Development Predictions for 2009

New Year's is a great occasion for predictions on what 2009 might have in store for the software development market. IT resources will be limited and business pressures higher but only time will tell. Here are few thoughts about what might come up in 2009.

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