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Pure ASP Upload 2

Dynamic Filenames?
September 5, 2001 by j doyle
Can we give the image dynamic filenames now...without hand scripting?
RE: Dynamic Filenames?
September 5, 2001 by George Petrov

YES! YES! You can - there is a new Unique File naming system now!
You can also make dynamic directories! just specify an expression - all non-existent directories will be automatically created!

September 6, 2001 by Pablo Deeleman
Worth the money!
September 6, 2001 by Marc Proudfoot

The extension looks great.. it does everything I've been looking for.. well worth the money!


September 7, 2001 by Adam Nickells

I don't see any problem with paying for extensions of this quality. Imagine all the hassle it will save you! Surely it will pretty much pay for itself the very first time you use it.

Oh and $49 is not bad at all. Especially when you convert it into English Pounds. very nice. I for one will be getting it as soon as possible. Well the company will anyway :-)



RE: Brilliant
September 8, 2001 by Marc Proudfoot

I would agree with you there although my host provider doesn't appear to support it although they can't figure out why so I've had to go back to version 1 of the extansion.. what is the policy on refunds?


Very Helpful
September 9, 2001 by Larry Lough
With the support and help files you have made available with this product, I have changed my mind about the price.
It's a bargain!
Thank you for the help, the update you sent works problems at all.
Larry G Lough
What a snatch!
September 11, 2001 by Alex Stevens

What a relief this new Extension is, in that it not only plugs straight in to UD4 but also requires no server components to be added! (Although users of NT may need a Microsoft update). No more whinging ISP "policies" can stop me now!

And a bargain at twice the price...keep on developing George! (maybe we could rename files according to recordset fields!)

RE: RE: Brilliant
September 11, 2001 by Alex Stevens
If your ISP is on NT they might need to update their "MDACS" components (Microsoft Data Access) for microsoft.
RE: RE: RE: Brilliant
September 11, 2001 by Marc Proudfoot

Yeah.. i thought about that but they are using Win2k which should have a recent enough one and also, the extension includes code which reports an incorrect version of MDAC (which I found out after trying it out on a local NT4/IIS4 server here with an old MDAC)


September 11, 2001 by Dave Lynes
Ordered it today and it payed for itself in 5 minutes !!!  Love it.  I would recommend it to anyone.
RE: Needing some answers!
September 12, 2001 by Adam Toohey


Can this problem be fixed by changing

<!--#include file="../../ScriptLibrary/incPureUpload.asp" -->
<!--#include file="../../ScriptLibrary/incPureUpload2.asp" -->
and changing the name of the script to incPureUpload2 and incPureUpload3 and so on?  I am not sure if this is the only code that needs to be changed.  I am sure it would work if it is the only code, but would have to cut the page out and put the new one on and then rename it and then paste the old one on.

Looking forward to your response.

Adam Toohey

Great product, even better support!
September 14, 2001 by Paul Weaver

Hi George

Just wanted to say thank you for your quick response to my problem. This level of support is worth the $49.95 alone!


Paul Weaver

Beautiful George!
September 22, 2001 by Jean-Marie Bonnar
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What a great extension! Plus you've made the interface so intuitive and provided the tutorials as well. This extension will be much used in my ASP web development work. Thanks for making a superior extension that saves tons of coding time and headaches, as well as allows a beginning ASP developer like myself to develop applications that I might not otherwise be able to do on my own without hours and hours of work and study. I could just hug and kiss you for developing this extension. lol :-)
RE: Beautiful George!
September 24, 2001 by Waldo Smeets
I'll send you George his address so you can drop by to give him that kiss ;-)
RE: RE: Dynamic Filenames?
September 29, 2001 by Greg Olone
Yes, but is there any way for US to specify the ending filename (say removing all of the spaces?)
October 3, 2001 by Joe Glab

This thing is friggin' incredible! I still can't believe it! I just bought it five minutes ago and I'm already uploading files like a madman! It just plugged right into an existing form where I had NO UPLOAD COMPONENT before! Haaaaa, ha, ha! I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl! Weeee!

All seriousness aside, I can make good moolah with this. My clients will think I worked for hours on their upload component. Do you offer a developer's license? I don't want to shortchange you because I want you to have incentive to make more cool stuff like this. Thanks.

October 4, 2001 by George Petrov
Thanks for the nice words :) I'm very glad you appreciate the extension!
You already got a developer license - this is the only one we give - it is one Pure ASP Upload 2.0 for each UltraDev version you have. So you can use the same Pure ASP Upload 2.0 for everyproject you do.
very cool...
October 19, 2001 by Ivan I.
Cool product, man!  It's saved me hours already! ;)
RE: RE: Dynamic Filenames?
November 7, 2001 by Greg Olone

Ok. Lemme clarify. For a future version say, can you make it so that we can define a function to modify the destination filename...and if it isn't defined, just keep the name the way it is.

We are working with a server that requires that the filename have no spaces and it makes a zero-length file that can't be deleted if it does. Something like:

if(translateFilename) {

and then we would define the function:

function translateFilename(f) {
   return f;

or whatever...

This would be very helpful to me.

one word......"EASY!!"
November 9, 2001 by Bill Whittenberger
When I first set it up I was like, no way it was this easy!  Thank you for saving me HOURS of wasted time......well worth the $50!!!
December 20, 2001 by Rob Hill
Thanks for Pure ASP Upload - you deserve a place in heaven for this - I had it up ad uploading files within minutes - sheer genius!
March 4, 2002 by Nicolas Georgeault

Tout simplement génial. Ce script m'a fait gagner un temps fou. En plus il est super simple à utiliser...

Merci beaucoup.

RE: RE: MX Problems
May 6, 2002 by Eric Kaiser
Thanks a lot George, I'm looking forward to your new release. I can't begin to tell you what a time saver your extension is.
Very nice extension
June 14, 2002 by william ritchie
very nice extension works very well,,I got the add on pack too as my hosts are strict Christians and was very worried that somebody might post something unfavourable to my site ,,,BUT now with the add on pack ,It sends me a copy of whats been posted I know I can get there before my hosts...........BRILLIANT.........PS does anyone know where  i can get a alternative table colour row for repeat regions ......extension for UD4........thats what I need next ????
RE: Very nice extension
July 17, 2002 by Ivo Bacik
Extension for alternative table colours is here :
RE: The Worst!
November 28, 2002 by Jee Wonder

your email address is invalid!

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

besides..what are these problems you're having.

Pure ASP Upload 2.09 - AAAAHHH!!!
January 5, 2003 by G H
This is truly a dream come true, somebody has made the best ASP all in one solution to the dreaded upload forms we all hate. This program does it all...
ASP Upload 2.09 - S U P E R B
January 13, 2003 by Bob Powell
Saves SO MUCH TIME. Great extension worked first time and in minutes. All worked except for the delete but was give VERY quick support (switching off script blocking in Norton was the answer).  This is well worth the 11/10 that I rate it.  Keep up the great work.
SP Upload 2.09 - Yabadabadoooooo!
February 28, 2003 by alain elshocht

This is really GREAT .... why bothering writing code when you can find it, so cheap and so gooood !

Génial, pourquoi se casser la tête à ré-inventer la roue ? d'autant qu'elle fonctionne super bien !

Question ... how can i delete files? (i'm working with javascipt ASP)

January 28, 2004 by Peter Wiseman

Hi Kate & George,

I also get errors when I try to upload a file larger than a couple of hundred kilobytes:

See message below:

Request objecterror 'ASP 0104 : 80004005'

Operation not Allowed

/ScriptLibrary/incPureUpload.asp, line 36

Otherwise it works well ... I'm using version 2.13 ...

Any clues?????????????

Peter W

August 2, 2004 by Jens Hoffmeister


Same probleme here with Windows 2003 Server and IIS6. Works fine with exactly the same files on Windows 2000 Server and IIS5.

Did anyone find a solution yet?

Kind regards,

jens hoffmeister

February 25, 2005 by peter woolf

I also have the same problem but this only occoured when migrating from a win 2k server to 2003. Could this be the issue?


Need a serial??
March 11, 2006 by Dani Perez
I've just received your email claiming that I can upgrade my Pure ASP Upload extension, which I purchased two years ago. But, when I downloaded the extension it require me a Serial Number... Where is it?
RE: Need a serial??
March 11, 2006 by Dani Perez
Sorry, I've looked at My DMX zone :P
RE: Using IE6, IE7 and Firefox(latest)...
March 1, 2008 by student 101

Noting that I actually hand coded a fix and suggested I now sell this fix;
These links stopped working? odd
Maybe I am just too tired to notice that someone went and deleted those posts?

Very odd...
Like I said I may just be very tired, will check back later.