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Pure ASP Upload 2 offered one of the best Dreamweaver integrations! It included a great deal of extremely useful and easy to use features. But now there is Pure ASP Upload 3 which is the most advanced upload solution ever! Combining all the latest technologies in the web development world like AJAX, Flash and DHTML. All available at your finger tips and in your trusted Dreamweaver environment. With just a few clicks, you become an expert. 

As our trusted customer you can still download Pure ASP Upload 2 but for the latest features and support we advice you to upgrade to Pure ASP Upload 3.

Pure ASP Upload 2 is discontinued upgrade now to Pure ASP Upload 3.




Features Highlight

Full Mac support!
Dreamweaver MX on the Mac is fully upported

Uploading Files and Saving the Rest of the Fields in the Database
Pure ASP Upload integrates seamlesly with your database. You save the upload file to the server and the other form fields to your database automatically using the standard Server behaviors.

Full support for the Standard Insert/Update Record Server Behaviors!
You can add or update records from your database by using the standard Insert/Update Server behaviors. Pure ASP Upload fully integrates with these so you don't see the difference between saving a normal form and saving a form with a file upload in it. Without Pure ASP Upload - you simply can't save a form with a file field into your database without hand coding it.

No Extra Components Needed - It's All Script!
Pure ASP Upload is written using only ASP. There is no need for any other components or special access to the server!

Automatically remove invalid chars from filename
All invalid characters used in the filename of the uploaded files are automatically removed. Only letters, numbers and _-. are allowed.

Autocheck for the right version of the remote library
A feature that checks for the correct version of the incPureUpload.asp file on the remote server. It helps you track problems when you have used old versions.

Skip Empty File Fields During Update
When updating a record, and there is no change with the file, the file upload is simply skipped. This ensures that the original file remains unaltered.

Full Support for Multi-Byte Languages
Full support for multi-byte languages like Chinese and Japanese and unicode!

Extended Online Help
The Pure ASP Upload online help has became a huge resource of help. It now includes over 15 in depth tutorials explaining all the features of Pure ASP.

Show Fully Customizable Progress Bar During the Upload
There are over 7 progress bars to choose from that are included with the extension. The progress bar's interface is fully extendable allowing you to write your own progress bar in minutes! (PS. This is not a realtime progress bar)

Allow Only Special File Types to be Uploaded
You can select which file extensions you want to allow your users to upload. Choose from only images formats, PDF files and others. This feature is fully customizable.

Limit File Upload Size File upload size can be limited!
It can be limited on the client side (before upload and for images only), or on the server side (after upload - all kind of files).

Limit Uploaded Image Size
You can restrict the image dimensions that are allowed! This is checked on the client side so that the upload never gets to the server.

Save Uploaded Image Size in Your Database
It is possible to easily save the image's dimensions into your database for later use.

Auto Create Non-Existent Upload Directories
Using dynamic paths to save the uploaded is possible as non-existent folders from the path are auto-created!

Upload to Physical Paths
If you need to upload a file to a folder outside the root of your server, you can do this by simply entering the full path on the server as your upload folder!

Prefix Filenames With Full Directory
You can store the file names in your database prefixed with the upload path! This makes it easy to display them on your page, especially when using dynamic paths.

Existing Files Conflict Handling
Should a file already exist on the server, you can specify how you would like to handle the new file. Choices include overwriting, giving the file a unique name and skipping the file.

Optional File Upload
It is possible to build form pages that include file upload fields that are not required. The user can submit the form filling in all the other fields and leaving the file upload empty.

Improved User Interface
The user interface of Pure ASP Upload 2.1 has been greatly improved! All related options are properly grouped in a nice logical interface. Tiptext is also available for extra help.

All Code is in a Shared Script Library
The entire Pure ASP Upload code is stored in an external file and is included on every page you require uploading on thus neatening up your source code.

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Type: Server Behavior
License: Read now >>
Product: Dreamweaver MX, UltraDev 4, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver CS3
Server Model: ASP JavaScript, ASP VBScript, ASP JScript
Platform: Win XP/2000/2003/2008/7, Mac OS 8.6 or higher, Mac OS X
Browser: All

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RE: Using IE6, IE7 and Firefox(latest)...
March 1, 2008 by student 101

Noting that I actually hand coded a fix and suggested I now sell this fix;
These links stopped working? odd
Maybe I am just too tired to notice that someone went and deleted those posts?

Very odd...
Like I said I may just be very tired, will check back later.


RE: Need a serial??
March 11, 2006 by Dani Perez
Sorry, I've looked at My DMX zone :P
Need a serial??
March 11, 2006 by Dani Perez
I've just received your email claiming that I can upgrade my Pure ASP Upload extension, which I purchased two years ago. But, when I downloaded the extension it require me a Serial Number... Where is it?
February 25, 2005 by peter woolf

I also have the same problem but this only occoured when migrating from a win 2k server to 2003. Could this be the issue?


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