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Advanced Open Window 3

Usefulness is great
June 26, 2001 by Dan Biggs
I use it often.  It is easy to adapt for use with database called links.  Good Job George.
March 21, 2002 by erik textorius
I´ve been having countless problems with popups and this extension took all my sorrows away. Thanks!
Nice work
July 15, 2002 by acarpentier acarpentier
This will same me a lot of time
July 20, 2002 by Daniel Beck

This is what i´ve been waiting for!


Cost vs Usability
October 10, 2002 by Anthony Goodeill
As a person who doesn't have much cash these days, I have to ask myself is this a requirement, especially after spending all the money I did on the Dreamweaver MX bundle.  I know it sounds like to have great usability, but I can do all of this without spending $49.  I know it is worth it for those with money to burn, but one of the reasons I am on this community, is because I want to share these programs because I do not want to spend MORE money.
RE: Usefulness is great
October 10, 2002 by David O'Connell
RE: Cost vs Usability
October 12, 2002 by George Petrov
The price of this extension may seem high, but this is very reasonable considering we have build a very extended script but also very sophisticated user interface. This extension also includes huge online help containing 14 usage tutorials as well. So all this together really makes it worth - making the the extension really very productive.
Thanks again for a great add-on
October 22, 2002 by Perry Shipman

Thanks again for another great plug-in.  Easy to use and does what it says it does.  Well worth the cost.

Best part for me, though, is that Mr. Petrov is accessable by e-mail and works to correct/improve his products.  I first stumbled across this with his ASP Upload routines which really saved my be-hind with a form with multiple uploads imbeded in it.  Not only could I easily upload but then I could rename the files to meet my needs.

Keep up the good work ...

Perry Shipman
Evergreen Computer Services
Juneau, Alaska

Well Worth the Money!
October 27, 2002 by Laurel Clark
This extension is brilliant! For anyone creating masses of pop-ups, as I do, this is the perfect solution. In particular, it actually allows pop-ups to work properly on later versions of Netscape. I had been wrestling with this for ages - my pop-ups were great in IE but refused to open in the Netscape browser window. What good is a website if it only functions in IE?!? I know Netscape users are a minority, but in my field, they are quite prevalent. So I wanted a website that could be seen by one and all. This extension works!!!! Heartily recommended!
Updated Review
November 1, 2002 by Laurel Clark
It's even more brilliant than I thought! It not only fixes recent versions of Netscape, but earlier ones too. It saves so much time and effort!
RE: Cost vs Usability
December 23, 2002 by cheryl sousa

I have to agree with you completely. I was fine with version 2.0 and what was really hard was that I had created a site for a colleague with a massive amount of pop-ups using version 2.0, but by the time she got to it to make changes, she couldn't because the extension I had used was no longer available, she would have to pay for version 3.0. It is not so much a problem that a better version costs money, I can deal with that, afterall, it's work, but why version 2.0 could not remain for those of us that can not afford the pricier version is beyond me.

Best Regards - CS

Absolute positioning
February 8, 2003 by Alan Tomkins

I have just downloaded AOW and although the functionality is great I have a problem in there being is no ability to position the popup window in an absolute X&Y position.  Corner and centre are fine but they will be in different positions depending upon the users screen resolution.  I appreciate this can have great value but I need the positioning control.

IS there any other way of doing this or is there an enhancement to your extension on the way?

Many thanks,  Alan

March 12, 2003 by gordon mackay

Here is my final word.....I just bought this extension, I dont know about anyone else here, but anything that saves me hassle in creating, what is for me an essential component of a web site, is worth the money.....I bought Dreamweaver so that I could concentrate more on design than on code, the precice reason I also bought this.

All I am grateful for is that some people are willing to take the time to make something that makes life easier for us and less expensive in terms of time charges for the client.

Think about the next time you go to the pub for a heavy session, then tell me which is too expensive.

Sorry to rant.......Great work George...another welcomed addition to my DW arsenal

Great Extension how can I pass the query string
September 16, 2003 by Kenny Darcy
Hi yea,
Thanks George,
Great extension and it works great, simple to use and understand, I havent checked it with netscape thought, but I have no need of the transitions, I want to know how to pass the query_string to my pop up page, i have worte in about this many many times in six months but no reply though, you guys must be very busy. I woould be grateful to know though if you get a chance.


Excellent time saver
May 5, 2004 by James E Mulvey
I have been using AOW for a couple of years now, it's a superb time saver. Thank you. May I suggest the ability to add a caption to an image posted with AOW? Sure I could make a web page for each image, add a caption, then have AOW open it. But this would be the cat's meow for time saving.