Advanced Open Window 3

Advanced Open Window 3 offers the richest popup script available! Open any content - html pages, images, Quick Time or other movies and Flash movies automatically in a new popup window! Resize the popup window to fit the image/movie exactly!

Make your own slideshows with cool transitions! Automatic popup size based on image dimensions! Position the window anywhere on the screen! And much more!

Need even more advanced inline popup windows? Which are much faster and can not be blocked? Check the new Advanced Layer Popup!

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  • Automatically open any content in a popup window
    Now you can open any content - html pages, images, Quick Time or other movies and Flash movies automatically in a new popup window!

  • Resize popup window to fit the image/flash movie exactly
    The popup window can be opened to fit the image/ flash movie exactly!

  • Automatically generate the embed code
    The popup window is generated containing the html code needed to play the movie or flash swf! No more struggling with different tags - Advanced open Window takes care of that! It can handle all Flash, Quick Time and Media Player movies on the fly!

  • Automatic dimensions discovery
    When you add images or flash movies on the extension dialog - their dimensions are automatically displayed! No more looking up the right size!

  • Make slide shows quick and easy!
    Now you can open images, movies and/or flash as a slide show! Just choose the media files and you are ready to go!


  • Slideshow Transitions
    You can also add cool transitions to make the slides rollover look fantastic!
    Note: transitions do not work on a MAC computer.

  • Mixed slideshows
    Put your images, flash movies or other movies together in a slide show! You are no more constrained by displaying a slide show with images only! Now you can mix any media you want - images, flash movies and/or other movies!

  • Preview the slide show images/flash movies!
    You can now directly preview the slide show images/flash movies on the extension window! As you add or select the slides you see the images or flash movies in a small preview on the same window!

  • Automatically generate the embed code for the slide show
    The popup window used for the slide shows now automatically generates all the code needed to display the next slide! So if it is Flash you get a Flash tag, if it is an image - you get an image tag, if it is Quick Time - you get the Quick Time tag!

Features Highlight

  • Fully Dreamweaver MX compatible!
    This version is fully compatible with the upcoming Dreamweaver MX!

  • Extended Help
    The help of Advanced Open Window has become a huge resource. It now includes 14 tutorials explaining all the features of Advanced Open Window in depth.

  • Improved User Interface
    The user interface of Advanced Open Window has been greatly improved! We have grouped all related options in a nice tabbing interface and also provided a nice tiptext.

  • All code is now in very compact JavaScript
    To reduce the size of your pages and still include all the functionality and the power of the script, the extension generates a very compact script.

  • Compatible with all major browsers
    It is all versions IE and NS compatible! Special IE features run only on IE 4+ and don't give any errors on other browsers.

  • Flexible popup window positioning
    You can even position the popup window with the image on every corner of the screen! Just choose the place and the popup window will appear there! No matter what screen size the end user has! You can center the popup window or choose a corner!

  • Fit to User Screen
    You can also let the Advanced Open Window match the window size to the users screen!

  • Always On Top
    Make the popup stay always on top of other windows! Don't loose the attention of the user - show him your popup window! This unique feature includes support for IE Modeless Dialog with IE5+! This Modeless window opens a native dialog box in IE!

  • Pop Under
    You can now display the window always under the current one! This will immediately hide your popup after it has been opened.

  • Auto Close after specified time
    You can specify now that the window should be closed after specified time.

  • Open in Fullscreen mode (IE only)
    Now you can open your popup in fullscreen mode! This will cover the whole screen of the user and leave away any menus and titlebars! Does not work in Internet Explorer 6 with SP1! Microsoft has removed this functionality.

  • Open without borders, for splash screen use (IE only)
    Now you can make your own Splash Screens! Just select the Open without borders option and you are ready to go! Does not work in Internet Explorer 6 with SP1! Microsoft has removed this functionality.
Type: Behavior
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Product: Dreamweaver 4, Dreamweaver MX, UltraDev 4, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6, Dreamweaver CC+
Platform: Win XP/2000/2003/2008/7, Mac OS 8.6 or higher, Mac OS X
Browser: All

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Excellent time saver
May 5, 2004 by James E Mulvey
I have been using AOW for a couple of years now, it's a superb time saver. Thank you. May I suggest the ability to add a caption to an image posted with AOW? Sure I could make a web page for each image, add a caption, then have AOW open it. But this would be the cat's meow for time saving.
Great Extension how can I pass the query string
September 16, 2003 by Kenny Darcy
Hi yea,
Thanks George,
Great extension and it works great, simple to use and understand, I havent checked it with netscape thought, but I have no need of the transitions, I want to know how to pass the query_string to my pop up page, i have worte in about this many many times in six months but no reply though, you guys must be very busy. I woould be grateful to know though if you get a chance.


March 12, 2003 by gordon mackay

Here is my final word.....I just bought this extension, I dont know about anyone else here, but anything that saves me hassle in creating, what is for me an essential component of a web site, is worth the money.....I bought Dreamweaver so that I could concentrate more on design than on code, the precice reason I also bought this.

All I am grateful for is that some people are willing to take the time to make something that makes life easier for us and less expensive in terms of time charges for the client.

Think about the next time you go to the pub for a heavy session, then tell me which is too expensive.

Sorry to rant.......Great work George...another welcomed addition to my DW arsenal

Absolute positioning
February 8, 2003 by Alan Tomkins

I have just downloaded AOW and although the functionality is great I have a problem in there being is no ability to position the popup window in an absolute X&Y position.  Corner and centre are fine but they will be in different positions depending upon the users screen resolution.  I appreciate this can have great value but I need the positioning control.

IS there any other way of doing this or is there an enhancement to your extension on the way?

Many thanks,  Alan

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