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Pure PHP Upload 2

Review - Pure PHP Upload
March 5, 2003 by Gareth Downes-Powell

Pure PHP Upload is another great extension from George Petrov of Dynamic Zones, which allows you to easily create upload forms using the Dreamweaver MX PHP Server Model, allowing your site users to upload files or images to your server.


The extension is easy to apply, with a tabbed interface allowing easy access to the many options available within the extension. The extension is very configurable, and has many options allowing you to tailor the code produced so that it matches your exact needs. For example, you can specify the extension of files that are allowed to be uploaded, and for images, the minimum and maximum image sizes that can be used.


If a file with the same name as the one being uploaded is already present on the server, you have a number of options such as overwriting the existing file, displaying an error message, or creating a new unique filename.


One really nice feature is the inclusion of a number of small animated flash movies, from which you can select one to be displayed in a pop up window as the file is being uploaded, giving useful feedback to the end user, and adding a more professional touch to your site.


The main PHP code for the extension is added to your site as an include file, which minimizes the amount of code added to your actual page, and keeps everything neat and tidy.

Congratulations to George for another well thought out extension with a number of nice features, and it makes a great addition to your Dreamweaver MX toolbox.

First Look
March 6, 2003 by Allan Kent

One of the many reasons that make PHP such an attractive language for me, is the fact that it handles file uploads natively - without the need to install 3rd party software.  This has always been fine for people who are comfortable with hand coding PHP, but for those developers who code primarily with Dreamweavers IDE it's a bit tricky. 

No more with this excellent extension.  I installed it and had a PHP upload form up and running within a minute.  The dialogs are self-explanatory and include context-sensitive help if you do get stuck.  George has put a lot of thought into the development of this extension and has covered pretty much everything you would want to do in uploading files.  The extension comes with built-in validation and integrates neatly with Dreamweavers Insert Record SB, so saving your file upload details to a database is quick and painless.

Of course there will be the rare occasions when the extension does not do something that you want it to, but if you are programming the kind of application that requires that sort of functionality, then you should be able to hand code the necessary bits in.

All in all a very cool extension!

Another Best
March 6, 2003 by Ishtiaq Ahmed
Can't beat this ext, I found the interface very easy to use (The same as Pure ASP upload).  My only .php page within my .asp dominated site, worked fine on the very first upload - no errors at all (suprised as this is very first web site).
you people realy rule the place!
March 30, 2003 by Peter Van Laer

you people realy rule the place!
great extension!

People plz take a look over here and support my related extension request! ;) :)


Brilliant extension
June 2, 2003 by John Langer

Not being sure if PHP Upload would do exactly what I wanted I emailed George Petrov directly and asked him. A reply within 12 hours allayed my fears and one further question (answered within the hour) convinced me that the outlay would be worth it.

Having bought the package I found it easy to install and it did exactly what I wanted (to upload a picture to a specified folder and then put the path to the folder into a mysql database)

Well done George and DMX Zone for an excellent extension.

multiple files in version 2.1.2 ?
October 29, 2003 by Greta Garberini
Hi, I was wondering if its possible uploading two ore more files at once: A picture AND a pdf file for example. This is real need. afaik, this was not possible with older versions
RE: First Look
October 29, 2003 by Greta Garberini
In one minute? if you are using a Linux / Apache system you have to check the file permissions first on your local as well as on your remote server! Meaning starting your ftp program first, or ssh, creating directories etc ... Or is there a function in DW i missed up to now?
RE: multiple files in version 2.1.2 ?
October 29, 2003 by George Petrov
yes sure - it is possible! Just add more file fields on your form and they will be all uploaded at once!
January 9, 2004 by Law Blank

George, your Pure PHP Upload extention absolutely rocks!!!  I am a complete newbie at server-side programming, and have so many people requesting admin pages to upload images and files.  Your code was so easy to use and best of all, it worked. 

Is there a way to modify the scripts so I can enter the form from Flash? 

Thanks for all your efforts to help out the non-programmers. 


~Law Blank

January 13, 2004 by George Petrov
Thanks Law! You can use Pure PHP Upload with Flash as well! You should only do a few tricks in the flash movie. There is a nice flash component for this! There is also a solution by hand using javascript.
Highly Recommend!
August 30, 2004 by Paul Munger
This is fabulous script. It has helped me immensely. With the newest update, it is well worth the money to quickly add upload features to any website. Thanks George! Sincerely, idotifrs
RE: Brilliant extension
June 1, 2007 by Greta Garberini
Thhis was long ago. DMX support seems not to exist anymore.
special characters and spaces in filenames! Finally!
August 27, 2009 by Greta Garberini

I realized that the pain for all non-anglican language programmers has been relieved drastically:

since native - English speaking programmers don't care about special characters like é or ö, character sets are setup inconsequently, meddling ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8, leaving out Eastern European character sets and Japanese completely.

With this extension you finally can upload files like "desirée.jpg",  "ächz schlück.jpg" or even "???????? ??? ????????? ?????? ???????.pdf"

In the latter case it fills the spaces with undescores and even stores this in the database! like "????????_???_?????????_??????_???????.pdf"

I have not tried it but this would mean that eventually even filenames in trd. Chinese language could be uploaded and stored correctly if the server supports php5 / mysql5