Pure PHP Upload 2
One click upload file to the server. Do a PHP File Upload in seconds!

Image size check before and after the upload, full integration with Dreamweaver PHP_MySQL and its Insert / Update Server Behavior, generate unique filenames and dynamic upload folders! No extra coding needed.

This product is discontinued, please get the Pure PHP Upload 3!


Features Highlights:

  • Uploading files via Form
  • Uploading files and saving the rest of the fields in the database
  • Full Support for PHP5
  • Optional file upload
  • Extended online help
* For more detailed overview click Features in Details

Features of Pure PHP Upload 2

  • New: Compatible with Advanced Multiple Uploader
    • Use Advanced Multi Uploader to allow multiple secure uploads in just a few clicks! Use the easy browsing feature for the selection of files to upload, automatically generate a clear overview and advanced status report with progress bars and the condition of the selected files. The Advanced Multi Upload component is fully integrated with the latest PHP & ASP Upload extensions, is Flash 9 compatible and weighs less then 60kb.

  • New: Full support for PHP 5
    No more additional scripts are needed, the latest version fully supports PHP 5.

  • Uploading files via Form.
    Full support for file uploading though a regular form, together with other fields too!

  • Uploading files and saving the rest of the fields in the database.
    Pure PHP Upload integrates perfectly with your database. You save the file upload to the server and the other form fields to your database! All automatically using the standard Server behaviors.

  • Full support for Dreamweaver MX on PC and Macintosh

  • Great User Interface
    The user interface of Pure PHP Upload 2 is very clear! We have grouped all related options in a nice tabbing interface and also provided a nice tiptext.

  • Optional file upload
    Now you can build pages that include file upload but don't require it. So the user can submit the form filling all the other fields and leave the file upload empty.

  • Extended Online Help
    The online help of Pure PHP Upload is a huge resource. It includes over 16 tutorials explaining all the features of Pure PHP Upload in depth.

  • Limit File Upload Size
    File upload size can now be limited! It can be limited on the client side (before upload) when you upload images, or on the server side (after upload), for all other files.

  • Limit Uploaded Image Size
    You can even restrict the image dimensions that are allowed! This is checked client side - so before your upload ever gets to the server.

  • Save Uploaded Image Size in your Database
    You can also easily save the image dimensions in your database for later usage.

  • Show fully customisable Progress Bar during the upload
    Now you can choose from over 7 progress bars that are included with the extension. The progress bars interface is fully extendable - so you can write your own progress bar in minutes!

  • Allow only special file types to be uploaded
    Now you can choose which file extensions you want to allow your viewers to upload. Choose images only, PDF files, and others - fully customisable.

  • Auto create non-existent upload directories
    You can now use a dynamic path where you save the uploaded files. This is a path that is determined at run-time - for example you could use a user name or department. All non-existent folders from the path are auto-created!

  • Upload to physical paths
    Sometimes you want to upload to a different folder outside the root of your server. This is now possible - just enter the full path on the server as your upload folder!

  • Prefix Filenames With Full Directory
    You can store the file names in your database prefixed with the upload path! This makes it easy to display them on your page, especially when you use dynamic paths.

  • Existing Files Conflict Handling
    You can specify how you would like to handle situations where a file with the same name already exists on the server. You can choose to overwrite, make unique and other options.

  • All code is in a shared Script Library
    All the PHP code that is used in Pure PHP Upload, is now stored in an external file so it is included on every page you have upload on. This way you won't get lots of code on your page each time.

  • Autocheck for the right version of the remote library
    A new feature is now implemented that checks for the correct version of the incPureUpload.php file on the remote server. It helps you track problems when you have used old versions.

  • Skip Empty File Fields During Update
    This was the most requested feature. When updating a record, and there is no change with the file, the file upload is simply skipped. This ensures that the original file remains unaltered.

  • Full support for the standard Insert/Update Record Server Behaviors!
    You can add or update records from your database by using the standard Insert/Update Server behaviors. Pure PHP Upload fully integrates with those - so you don't see the difference between saving a normal form and saving a form with file upload on it. Without Pure PHP Upload - you can't save a form with file upload field in your database without hand coding.

INSTALLATION: This extension is now with secured installation, read installation guide

SUPPORT: Please post support questions in the Pure PHP Upload support forum! All questions etc. posted below this page will be moved to that forum and deleted from this page.

PAYMENT NOTE ! When buying this extension please use the same email address as the one you used to register with DMXzone. If you want to use another email address we suggest you to change the email address in your profile BEFORE you purchase. This will make it easier for us to enable downloads and will avoid mistakes.


Party Flyer Demo

In this demo you can upload your song with the help of Pure PHP Upload 2 and listen to it in our HTML5 MP3 Player. When clicked on Upload a Song, a Lightbox window pops up, where you can select your mp3 file. We also supplied the player with 3 songs, which play directly from a File Genie PHP list.

HTML5 MP3 Player with Album Cover Upload Demo

In this showcase we used a number of DMXzone extensions in order to make it play your uploaded mp3s and images.

DMXzone Watermark Gallery

Use Advanced Multi Uploader in order to upload your images and Smart Image Processor PHP will resize and watermark them.



Dynamic zones Vacation Demo

Shows the Power of Pure PHP Upload 2 together with Dynamic Flash Gallery PHP

Demo; Pure PHP Upload 2 Teams Up With Advanced Multi Uploader

This demo shows how you can upload multiple files with Pure PHP Upload 2 or Pure ASP Upload 3 and the Advanced Multi Uploader extension.



Upload, Resize, Watermark and Display Pictures on a Webpage
With this movie we will show you how to combine Pure PHP Upload 2, Smart Image Processor PHP 2 and File Genie PHP in order to upload, resize, watermark and display pictures on a webpage.

Insert, Upload and Resize Images in Advanced HTML Editor 3
With this movie we will  show you how easy it is to Upload, Resize and Insert images in Advanced HTML Editor 3 with the integrated Pure PHP Upload 2 and Smart Image Processor PHP 2 support.

Update your Dynamic CSS Image Gallery using Advanced Multi Uploader
With this movie we will show you how easily you can update your Dynamic CSS Image Gallery using Advanced Multi Uploader

Uploading Multiple Files using Advanced Multi Uploader and Pure PHP Upload 2
With this movie we will show you how easily you can upload multiple files using Advanced Multi Uploader and Pure PHP Upload 2.

Upload and Resize Multiple Files
In this video we'll show you how easy it is to resize multiple images using, Pure PHP Upload 2, Smart Image Processor PHP 2 and the Advanced Multiple Uploader extensions.

Create a Multiple File Upload Manager In Seconds
In this video we'll show you how easy it is to create a Multiple Upload Component on your page with Pure PHP Upload 2 and the Advanced Multiple Uploader extensions.

Upload multiple files and add their file names in the database
In this tutorial we'll show you how easy it is to upload multiple files and adding their file names in the database with  Advanced Multiple Uploader and Pure PHP Upload 2.

You can also use Pure ASP Upload 3 or Pure ASP.NET Upload 2 to achieve a similar result.


Pure PHP Upload Add-On Pack
File Management – A bundle of high quality extensions to be used together with Pure PHP Upload 2.
Type: Server Behavior
Product: Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6
Server Model: PHP MySQL


Version 2.1.12

  • Improved compatibility with old version of Pure PHP Upload

Version 2.1.11

  • New Serverside check for required files
  • New option to convert all filenames to lowercase
  • Improved cleanup of illegal characters from filenames

Version 2.1.10

  • Improved compatibility with Universal Form Validator PHP
  • Minified JavaScript for better performance

Version 2.1.9

  • Improved PHP 5.3 Compatibility

  • Improved cleanup of special characters in the uploaded file name

Version 2.1.8

Version 2.1.7

  • Improved PHP5 Compatibility
  • Improved Compatibility with Dynamic Flash Gallery PHP

Version 2.1.6

  • Compatible with Advanced Multiple Uploader
  • Full Support for PHP 5
  • Upload files from Form
  • Uploading files and saving the rest of the fields in the database
  • Full support for Dreamweaver MX on PC and Macintosh

Update Procedure

Here are five easy steps to update all your pages;

1. Install the latest version of Pure PHP Upload 2
2. Open your Pure PHP Upload 2 page
3. Select the existing Pure PHP Upload 2 Server Behaviour from the server behaviors palette
4. Click on the ok button to re-apply the server behaviours
5. An alert will be shown to notify you that your files are replaces, make sure you upload the files to your server

This process updates the PHP file in the general ScriptLibrary folder so a single page update is enough.

George Petrov

George PetrovGeorge Petrov is a renowned software writer and developer whose extensive skills brought numerous extensions, articles and knowledge to the DMXzone- the online community for professional Adobe Dreamweaver users. His expertise in countless languages and technologies gives inspiration and teach valuable lessons on his website – DMXzone.com which is most popular for its over high-quality Dreamweaver extensions and templates.

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special characters and spaces in filenames! Finally!
August 27, 2009 by Greta Garberini

I realized that the pain for all non-anglican language programmers has been relieved drastically:

since native - English speaking programmers don't care about special characters like é or ö, character sets are setup inconsequently, meddling ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8, leaving out Eastern European character sets and Japanese completely.

With this extension you finally can upload files like "desirée.jpg",  "ächz schlück.jpg" or even "???????? ??? ????????? ?????? ???????.pdf"

In the latter case it fills the spaces with undescores and even stores this in the database! like "????????_???_?????????_??????_???????.pdf"

I have not tried it but this would mean that eventually even filenames in trd. Chinese language could be uploaded and stored correctly if the server supports php5 / mysql5

RE: Brilliant extension
June 1, 2007 by Greta Garberini
Thhis was long ago. DMX support seems not to exist anymore.
Highly Recommend!
August 30, 2004 by Paul Munger
This is fabulous script. It has helped me immensely. With the newest update, it is well worth the money to quickly add upload features to any website. Thanks George! Sincerely, idotifrs
January 13, 2004 by George Petrov
Thanks Law! You can use Pure PHP Upload with Flash as well! You should only do a few tricks in the flash movie. There is a nice flash component for this! There is also a solution by hand using javascript.
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