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Dynamic Data in Layer Popup

Asked 13 May 2012 16:22:21
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13 May 2012 16:22:21 Andy Laverdiere, Jr. posted:
Hopefully this is not too dumb of a question. Does the Advanced Layer Popup works in a similar fashion to display dynamic as well as static information like any other link?

I am looking to do something similar to what can be found on the NHL on this page, When you click on the team name in the standings, a layer popup appears but you are still able to click on other teams in the standings without closing the popup to change data that appears in the layer popup and it moves closer to that team. I have seen layer popups that will not allow you to access the information on the page unless you close the layer which I am sure must be a control parameter determined when you set it up.

I currently do this using a standard popup that is not close to being as slick as what the Advanced Layer Popup does within the page.


Replied 15 May 2012 06:56:22
15 May 2012 06:56:22 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Andy.

Please take a look at the user manual of the product.
Which will guide you detailed through the functionality of the extension:
Advanced Layer Popup Manual

You can find how the product exactly is working under the demos tab in the product page :
Advanced Layer Popup product page

Regards: Vulcho.
Replied 15 May 2012 19:51:47
15 May 2012 19:51:47 Andy Laverdiere, Jr. replied:
Thanks for the help. I took the plunge and bought the extension last night after investigating a few docs and other questions others asked. It certainly does handle dynamic data and is working as I had hoped so far!


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