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How do I make Song Titles?

Asked 14 Jan 2011 08:57:26
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14 Jan 2011 08:57:26 Mandy O posted:
How do I make the Song Titles show rather than the file name?


Replied 14 Jan 2011 09:15:20
14 Jan 2011 09:15:20 Mandy O replied:
.. I changed the name of the file.. but I prefer to not do this because I keep all my students songs together and their songs organized by year. So it would be helpful to be able to "add" a title in place of the file name. Please let me know if this is possible.

I also have another, hopefully simple, question. On the "baracuda" style.. how do I get the controls to just stay open. I think my students parents will be confused.

Thx for your attention in advance. =)
Replied 18 Jan 2011 13:11:55
18 Jan 2011 13:11:55 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Mandy,

You cannot change the name of the file entry. It is generated from the file name.
Also you cannot set the controls to be visible all the time with that Skin.

Replied 20 Jan 2011 20:37:59
20 Jan 2011 20:37:59 Mandy O replied:
Can I use the new "Visualizer" with the mp3 player?

The thing I like about this player is that the EQ bars move with the music when the play button is pressed. Can I achieve this same result with the html5 mp3 player?
Replied 21 Jan 2011 10:21:37
21 Jan 2011 10:21:37 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Mandy,

The HTML5 Music Visualizer is an Addon for the HTML5 MP3 Player and can be used only with it on your page. And yes its idea is to visualize your music

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