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Flash MP3 Player Error

Asked 01 Jan 2013 13:41:41
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01 Jan 2013 13:41:41 Randolph Lee posted:
I have a page using multiple MP3 players. The existing players work, but when I now add new ones, the player does nothing. Also, when I click OK after setting up the parameters on the PLayer, I get the messge : Error: File copy failed: dmxMP3player.js. The js is in the script library, so I don't know why new players do not work since others do and why I get that error. Please advise. Thanks.


Replied 04 Jan 2013 08:35:35
04 Jan 2013 08:35:35 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Randolph.

Did you created separate containers for each player?

Replied 04 Jan 2013 18:49:37
04 Jan 2013 18:49:37 Randolph Lee replied:
Yes, I did. Still the same result. New palyers do not work and I always get the error: File copy failed: dmxMP3player.js.

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