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Deamweaver Messages - Hate those... - Resolved

Asked 27 Sep 2011 00:31:17
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27 Sep 2011 00:31:17 Holly Nelson posted:
When I open Dreamweaver, I love that I get asked to update any purchased DMX add-ons. However, I HATE to keep being asked if I want more info on NEW extensions.

How can I opt of that message?


Replied 04 Oct 2011 09:25:43
04 Oct 2011 09:25:43 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Dear Holly,

It was me who removed your posts. There is no need to flood the whole topic for something included in the options of the extension.

As you can see even in the overview section of the extension: www.dmxzone.com/go?15527 You can TURN OFF the "Notify me for new DMXzone Extensions" options when you click on the OPTIONS button.
Replied 05 Oct 2011 01:34:31
05 Oct 2011 01:34:31 Holly Nelson replied:
I wasn't flooding the whole topic. Heck, I was the one that started the topic. My posts were about the fact that the original answer had nothing to do with my problem, as you can see by looking at that post. Why, in fact, don't you remove THAT post, as it was NOT helpful. Thank you for finally posting the answer to my question. Shouldn't have taken this long, or been this hard.

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