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Thumbnails Appear, Gallery Image Does Not Appear

Reported 02 May 2012 06:33:52
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02 May 2012 06:33:52 K Stoermann posted:
I have 21 links on one page pointing to their specific gallery using CSS Image Gallery and Advanced Layer Popup. Each gallery page pops up as it should with the thumbnails appearing but the main gallery image does not. This occurs in Firefox 12, IE 9 and Chrome.

I have installed FireBug on Firefox to debug the pages and it shows a status of 404 Not Found for each of the gallery images. I double/tripled checked/uploaded the images to my website server and the image files are there.

If I copy the URL for a specific image from the website server via the FTP app (Filezilla) and paste it to any of the web browsers, the image appears.

When I run a preview in the browsers from DW 4 everything works fine.

Any ideas?



Replied 02 May 2012 08:12:36
02 May 2012 08:12:36 K Stoermann replied:
Issue resolved. Linux servers being case sensitive with file name extensions. ".JPG" versus ".jpg"

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