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Homework middle class

Asked 24 Aug 2022 03:18:37
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24 Aug 2022 03:18:37 Maks Romanov posted:
Here another problem arises: not all children cope with the increased workload, so there is often no strength left for homework. The situation is aggravated by the fact that by the middle school, parents load their children with circles and sections.

Another difficulty: children at this age do not always speak openly about their problems, fearing condemnation and punishment. Observe how the child comes home from school and how he relates to the lessons: maybe he needs the help of a psychologist or other specialist? If he is just tired, lazy and cannot concentrate, help him build the right regimen and lighten the load.

If the child delays the completion of the lessons, is in a hurry to finish them as soon as possible, or, conversely, “hangs” over each task, this is also a signal. In the middle grades, children develop a propensity for certain subjects, while the rest they can simply ignore: difficult, boring, and so on. It is important to track such a situation in time and pay special attention to these items, to encourage the child to do everything slowly and thoughtfully.

Do not forget about motivation: for example, if there are difficulties with physics, you can tell and show how modern astrophysicists unravel the mysteries of the universe. Motivate the child that in any case the work will be done, at the expense of the authors of essay bidforwriting.com/case-study. Finally, children are often in a hurry to finish the lessons in order to do their favorite things: surf the Internet, play games, chat with friends.

A clear regime, which we talked about above, and motivation, but more global, will help here. In secondary school, it is important that the child understands that unfinished lessons are not only a bad grade, but also extra time to correct it, and difficulties with new material. It is much easier to spend an extra 20-30 minutes now than to constantly return to this issue.


Replied 09 Dec 2022 13:52:46
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