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residential moving - need details

Asked 01 Sep 2022 12:13:53
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01 Sep 2022 12:13:53 jiop tret posted:
I'm a little confused about whether or not I need professional movers for my move. It's not a huge move, just from one apartment to another. I'm currently living in a small apartment and the next place I'm moving into is a studio that's about the same size. My stuff is mostly just furniture and clothing, along with some boxes of random items. Is it worth hiring movers? If so, where do you find them?


Replied 01 Sep 2022 12:32:57
01 Sep 2022 12:32:57 Антон Дровов replied:
If you know how to move, and you have friends who are willing to help out, then why not try to do it yourself? This will save you money and time. If you're not sure how to move things around, ask your friends! They might be able to help out with the heavy lifting.
Replied 01 Sep 2022 12:45:47
01 Sep 2022 12:45:47 Archy Bows, replied:
I'd advise you to hire Moving Services in Elgin to move your stuff. You can't possibly pack, load, and unload your own stuff without losing something or damaging something. Plus, professional movers know how to pack everything for the best protection. They can also transport your items in a more secure manner than you could do on your own.I've hired professional movers several times in my life and it's always been great!
Replied 07 Oct 2022 14:27:04
07 Oct 2022 14:27:04 Quintus Francis Cerimon Fitzwalter replied:
Hi, I need to move to Canada. So I have a fragile flower and have a car. Please find someone to help me or to let me a car for a week. Thanks a lot.
Replied 07 Oct 2022 14:40:49
07 Oct 2022 14:40:49 Sabina Babington replied:
My friend, you are perhaps a little blind, because you didn't see that this post is a little old. Moreover, it is a very ungrateful business to pass your beloved plant to a stranger to transport. He will surely break it. Better if you have your own car. More info about best fuel efficient cars you can read for yourself.

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