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Useful tips on playing solitaire

Asked 10 Sep 2022 11:15:03
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10 Sep 2022 11:15:03 Karl Hennings posted:
For the first time, the game software version of Solitaire Spider was released in the add-on package, which introduced the company Microsoft to the Windows operating system. I remember that my parents used to play it a lot back then. Are there those here who are well versed in this game? Can you give me advice on how to play it?


Replied 10 Sep 2022 14:26:21
10 Sep 2022 14:26:21 Marc Bartra replied:
If you're playing at medium or high difficulty level, make a column of cards of the same suit as soon as possible. Later on, it will be difficult to move stacks of cards of different suits. A good solution is to use the empty spaces to store the collected sequences of rows. This is very comfortable when playing. Open a new row from the deal only when you are sure that all possible successful moves have been used. You can learn more about this game at jt.org.
Replied 10 Sep 2022 17:29:22
10 Sep 2022 17:29:22 Max Velin replied:
The main advice we can give for good layouts is to practice more often. Initially it is advisable to start playing at the easiest level, gradually increasing the difficulty.

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