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The built-in app on my MacBook can't open some video formats

Asked 25 Jan 2023 12:54:24
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25 Jan 2023 12:54:24 Noah526 Smith posted:
I have a MacBook, I bought it for work, and I thought if I bought it I could work without interference. But for some reason, the built-in QuickTime Player app on MacBooks can't always open MP4 videos. I don't understand why this happens, and it's important to me for my work.


Replied 25 Jan 2023 13:38:23
25 Jan 2023 13:38:23 Liam Johnson replied:
Often MacBook owners complain about the problem that Quick Time Player cannot open videos, this is due to the difference in encoding format. I don't really understand this. Maybe you should read this article: https://mac.eltima.com/mp4-player.html . I think it says how to solve this problem, but you may have to use a different video player. With the new video player, I think you won't have any more problems with the video.
Replied 25 Jan 2023 14:10:04
25 Jan 2023 14:10:04 Frank Williams replied:
If you bought a MacBook, it doesn't mean you won't have problems with it. Yes, there will be fewer problems than with ordinary laptops, but the MacBook is not perfect.

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