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I want to personalize the walls of my rented apartment, how to do it?

Asked 20 Feb 2023 23:39:59
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20 Feb 2023 23:39:59 Baity Wild posted:
Hello, I currently live in a rented apartment and I want to personalize the design of the walls with drawings and things of my liking but I don't want to paint it, because I don't want it to be permanent, but the day I have to move I will have to paint it again. so i want to know is there a way to do this? as something you can put on and take off that gives a personal touch to the walls


Replied 21 Feb 2023 10:11:19
21 Feb 2023 10:11:19 Alex Novikov replied:
I myself have long wanted to paint walls in my apartment. It will look beautiful and original. My apartment will not look like others. Wall painting is suitable for creative people. An important question remains about the quality of the painting. What materials are needed for this and who needs to be hired.
Replied 21 Feb 2023 10:53:41
21 Feb 2023 10:53:41 mila hill replied:
I was lucky with this, I just made repairs and the walls in my rooms are even and smooth and there is a neighbor artist who painted the whole entrance with different drawings and he made me a beautiful drawing of a biker on a motorcycle on the whole wall, but the trick is that the paint is washed off the wall and if I want another drawing, then I’ll wash off the old one in a day and invite a neighbor, and in three or four days he will make another one from me only for paints and beer.
Replied 22 Feb 2023 09:32:36
22 Feb 2023 09:32:36 Enzo Enzo replied:
Good day to all. yes, the topic is interesting, I recently did repairs in the bathhouse and in the nursery .. I won’t focus on the bath, everything is clear there, but in the nursery I made three walls for painting and the fourth I did with my own hands - wallpapering .. I’ll say frankly a cool thing if the drawing gets tired , you can always choose another one. to do this, you just need to clean and peel and stick murals for walls : costacover.com/collections/wall-mural
Replied 22 Feb 2023 10:06:51
22 Feb 2023 10:06:51 David Sens replied:
It's great to hear that you've been working on some home improvement projects. Wallpapering can be a fun and creative way to add some personality to a room. It's also nice that you have the flexibility to change the design when you feel like it. Choosing a pattern or design that you really love can make the process of wallpapering even more enjoyable. I hope the end result turned out well!
Replied 22 Feb 2023 13:19:27
22 Feb 2023 13:19:27 Fotie Lewon replied:
There are many different decorative stickers on the market that can easily be attached to the wall and create an interesting design.
As a rule, the choice of decorative elements depends on your taste and preferences. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment and create an interesting design of your room.

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