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Where can I buy a Lexus for 15,000 dollars?

Asked 27 Feb 2023 22:20:29
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27 Feb 2023 22:20:29 Louis Hideo posted:
hello, the Lexus are the vehicles of my dreams, but I have never had enough money to buy a new one, so I have proposed the idea of ​​buying a used Lexus, the problem is that I only have 15,000 dollars, no more no less than that does anyone know if I can get a Lexus vehicle for this amount of money?


Replied 28 Feb 2023 10:52:21
28 Feb 2023 10:52:21 David Sens replied:
Hello! The Lexus brand is known for its luxury vehicles, and while purchasing a new Lexus may be out of budget for many people, buying a used one is a great option to consider. With your budget of $15,000, you may be able to find a used Lexus that fits your needs and preferences. The availability and prices of used Lexus vehicles may vary depending on the model, year, mileage, and condition.
Replied 28 Feb 2023 12:53:36
28 Feb 2023 12:53:36 Den_ Chik replied:
Today, millions of cars are sold all over the world and they are all in different states. Of course, it is not always possible to find out the honesty of the car owner about his real condition. Here we need special services where cars are published for sale with an honest history of it.
Replied 01 Mar 2023 03:18:55
01 Mar 2023 03:18:55 Nikita Brikman replied:
Yes, it is possible to find a used Lexus for $15,000. There are many online resources, such as this https://stat.vin/vehicles/AUTOMOBILE/LEXUS, where you can find many used Lexus cars. If you need more information, you can read buyer reviews and check the history of the car to see what kind of car it is and how reliable it is. It is always advisable to keep in mind that used cars can have some problems, so you need to be careful when choosing a car.
Replied 01 Mar 2023 04:33:34
01 Mar 2023 04:33:34 Baity Wild replied:
I agree with the comments, Lexus is a luxury brand but for 15,000 dollars it is very possible that you can get this car but used, the conditions in which it is will depend on which one you find, in the search you do you will find from the worst condition to the better but I'm sure a used Lexus for 15,000 dollars you will definitely find it, good luck with the search, I hope you can find it!
Replied 01 Mar 2023 05:26:24
01 Mar 2023 05:26:24 Nina Mumford replied:
We have a lot of sites where you can buy a used car. I ran into the same issue). Money was not much but like a good car. A friend recommended me the stat site. I see you already wrote about this site. Try it, you might find something good.

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