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Online writing class

Asked 14 Mar 2023 18:14:39
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14 Mar 2023 18:14:39 Geff Rush posted:
Has anyone taken an online writing class? (or in-person one) If so, which one, and was it worth it? (they can be really expensive...)
I was thinking of taking one, just to have some experience/ insight with someone in the industry. Also, I was hoping it would help me with my 'writers self-esteem'


Replied 14 Mar 2023 18:35:17
14 Mar 2023 18:35:17 Daeron, Daeron replied:
Hello. Yea I visit grammar classes in my college. You know,I heard many positive reviews about University College London (UCL). I study programming. I found some service for students recommendation letter writing service they can do my programming homework at the highest level and save me time. Last time with their help I got the highest score in the class.
Replied 14 Mar 2023 19:27:52
14 Mar 2023 19:27:52 Noel Kawaki replied:
Hello! It's great to hear that you are attending grammar classes in your college, as having a strong command of language is important in all fields. As for University College London (UCL), it is indeed a well-regarded institution for higher education.

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