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How organize a trip to Barcelona that never forget?

Asked 26 Mar 2023 10:24:34
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26 Mar 2023 10:24:34 User  posted:
How organize a trip to Barcelona that never forget?


Replied 27 Mar 2023 05:09:36
27 Mar 2023 05:09:36 kior roy replied:
if you want to organize a trip to Barcelona that you'll never forget, Boat rental in Barcelona https://barcelonaboatrental.com/ with BarcelonaBoatRental and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! With years of experience in the boat rental business, they offer the best possible experience to customers.
Replied 27 Mar 2023 05:12:09
27 Mar 2023 05:12:09 Vikalina Utova replied:
The Barcelona metro is very useful to visit the city, it will take you to all the places of interest and it is only necessary to wait for the train for a maximum of 5 minutes
Replied 27 Apr 2023 17:12:20
27 Apr 2023 17:12:20 tribuset mistonn replied:
Do you want to be in the center of all city events? Or do you prefer to be just a few steps from the beach? Is your trip a 100% cultural visit or do you go shopping crazy? Maybe you want to discover the calm and relaxing Barcelona.
Replied 27 Apr 2023 17:14:39
27 Apr 2023 17:14:39 avetak loger replied:
Spain has so much to offer however Girona, Figueres, Cadaques is worth doing. Enjoy a day in Cadaques or at least half a day and eat some great Seafood! On the Northern border with France San Sebastian and Bilbao area is interesting. Barcelona is just a fabulous city and very walkable.
Replied 27 Apr 2023 17:16:33
27 Apr 2023 17:16:33 berington kroatter replied:
Walk down the Ramblas to the water front, hang a left to the marina area and beyond you have beaches too. Parc Guell is a must do. Defo take the city bus tours you can hop on and hop off wherever you want to explore. Castanets are a great souvenir. 3-5 days is easy to spend in Barcelona.
Replied 27 Apr 2023 17:17:46
27 Apr 2023 17:17:46 irdankat irdankat replied:
Take the train down the coast to Sitges or head to Tarragona. There is an amazing amphitheater and a wonderful historic old city centre in Tarragona.
Replied 27 Apr 2023 17:45:17
27 Apr 2023 17:45:17 arkelika lastev replied:
Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It’s a lively city bursting at the seams with world-class food, wild clubs and bars, and tourists galore.
Replied 27 Apr 2023 17:51:18
27 Apr 2023 17:51:18 quertim herrut replied:
The combination of Spanish and Catalan cultures and traditions is part of what makes Barcelona a unique city. Local guides will help you explore the city and its history
Replied 27 Apr 2023 18:14:29
27 Apr 2023 18:14:29 reberkon mously replied:
I think to really feel Barcelona, you need to plan at least four or five days. While you might see the highlights less, you'll be doing yourself a disservice if you rush your visit. It is a city of late dinners and afternoon siestas.
Replied 27 Apr 2023 18:20:06
27 Apr 2023 18:20:06 viktorian neriok replied:
Life in Barcelona is slow and your visit shouldn't be rushed either. For me it was a discovery of how small life can be.
Replied 27 Apr 2023 18:29:18
27 Apr 2023 18:29:18 yangarob meropl replied:
I enjoy holidays in Spain in general. Barcelona is not the only city that deserves attention. There are many beautiful places. And when you are planning a trip to Spain, plan your itinerary in advance. So you can see more
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Replied 28 Apr 2023 13:20:59
28 Apr 2023 13:20:59 User  replied:
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Replied 28 May 2023 08:06:05
28 May 2023 08:06:05 steave shawn replied:
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Replied 30 May 2023 11:17:14
30 May 2023 11:17:14 steave shawn replied:
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Replied 20 Jun 2023 18:41:03
20 Jun 2023 18:41:03 steave shawn replied:
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Replied 21 Jun 2023 09:27:36
21 Jun 2023 09:27:36 steave shawn replied:
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Replied 26 Jun 2023 11:39:42
26 Jun 2023 11:39:42 steave shawn replied:
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Replied 01 Jul 2023 11:08:50
01 Jul 2023 11:08:50 steave shawn replied:
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Replied 13 Jul 2023 18:10:23
13 Jul 2023 18:10:23 steave shawn replied:
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24 Jul 2023 14:25:07 steave shawn replied:
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Replied 06 Aug 2023 16:25:27
06 Aug 2023 16:25:27 steave shawn replied:
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Replied 06 Aug 2023 16:26:40
06 Aug 2023 16:26:40 steave shawn replied:
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Replied 11 Aug 2023 03:35:49
11 Aug 2023 03:35:49 User  replied:
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Replied 11 Aug 2023 14:01:47
11 Aug 2023 14:01:47 steave shawn replied:
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