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Beginner's tip: algae has appeared in the chiller

Asked 09 Aug 2023 14:54:08
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09 Aug 2023 14:54:08 Jonathon Schinner posted:
The chiller in a CNC machine is needed to avoid overheating of the laser tube and to extend the life of the machine. It is an important item, so it is better to keep a conscientious eye on its condition.

However, breakdowns do happen: no one is immune to broken parts. And it's not even your fault. But what to do if the chiller broke down? Let's understand the main types of failures.

One of the main components in the operation of a chiller is water. Its temperature is kept at a certain level to increase the efficiency of the chiller. The quality of water is also important: for your unit to work properly, it is better to use distilled water and change it every 3-4 months.

But let's assume that you have faithfully followed all the recommendations when working with the chiller, and then you went away and forgot to drain the water. In this case, when you arrive, you will find a colony of algae.

Why do they appear in the first place?
Let's understand the causes of algae nucleation. They need three things to live and thrive:

- moisture;
- light;
- nutrients.

Since the chiller runs on water and is in a lighted room, the first two conditions are met. And getting potential nutrients into the chiller is a matter of time. After all, it stands surrounded by air that is far from sanitized.

This combination, coupled with neglected water, provides algae with the perfect conditions for growth.

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