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Shared 20 Aug 2023 10:30:45
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20 Aug 2023 10:30:45 Emily Hopkins posted:
Hello everyone, I'd like to share a recommendation for a service related to Apple products. Recently, I had the chance to explore the world of innovative technology in Seattle. I was seeking an opportunity to experience the convenience of using an advanced device, and that's when I came across https://www.iphoneempire.com/. This platform offers a wide array of Apple devices, including the latest iPhones and accessories, available for rental, purchase, and even trade-ins.


Replied 04 Dec 2023 16:02:14
04 Dec 2023 16:02:14 Alexander Graf replied:
I'm working on this project where I need to export some text messages from my iPhone into a PDF. I've tried a few things, but nothing seems to work. Do you guys know a simple way to do this? If there's an app or something that does the trick, could you let me know how to install and use it? I'm not too tech-savvy, so layman's terms would be awesome. Thanks!
Replied 04 Dec 2023 16:48:56
04 Dec 2023 16:48:56 Otis Cooper replied:
Oh man, I totally get your struggle, I've been there. So, I found this super useful guide on https://setapp.com/how-to/export-iphone-messages-to-pdf. It's really simple, you can use a tool called AnyTrans for iOS. You just connect your iPhone to your Mac, choose the messages you want to export and boom! They're in a PDF. If you don't have a Mac, don't worry. You can also take screenshots of your messages, save them, and then convert those into a PDF. It might take a bit longer but it works! Hope this helps with your project.

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