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What coffee beans do you recommend?

Shared 13 Sep 2023 15:11:28
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13 Sep 2023 15:11:28 Sheena Owens posted:
What coffee beans do you recommend?


Replied 13 Sep 2023 16:04:23
13 Sep 2023 16:04:23 Albert Cooley replied:
Hello. I would recommend you a unique variety of bean coffee that is definitely worth trying - these are sumatra green coffee beans https://festcoffeemission.com/en/geography/indonesia/. Indonesia is famous for its variety of coffee varieties, but Sumatran beans stand out for their rich flavor and unique characteristics. This region attracts the attention of coffee gourmets due to its special method of processing coffee beans - the dry method. It gives coffee a unique taste with rich notes of dark chocolate, tobacco and spice. Therefore, I think you will appreciate this coffee. Above I have left contacts of a reliable supplier from whom you can order a quality product.
Replied 14 Jul 2024 12:34:48
14 Jul 2024 12:34:48 User  replied:
I once ordered takeout from Starbucks. But I had unforeseen circumstances and had to cancel the order. I contacted their support service and they solved everything without any problems. In my opinion, this is a great service. And they have a lot of positive reviews here https://starbucks.pissedconsumer.com/review.html If you haven't seen them, I think you will be interested.
Replied 22 Jul 2024 13:39:12
22 Jul 2024 13:39:12 Dyran Cutler replied:
Hello friends, please tell me what cream you use or add milk to coffee and in general what products you add to coffee. Just curious.
Replied 22 Jul 2024 14:06:19
22 Jul 2024 14:06:19 Lopp Klopp replied:
You know, I used to always use different coffee creamers, but just recently I came across the holacoffee.co.uk/expertise/coffee-whitener-what-is-it-really/ blog, which opened my eyes to such a thing as coffee whitener and I was very surprised because it actually has a milder creamier taste than regular cream and this product even has some health benefits. So read on. I think you will learn a lot of new things.

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