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Where to hold a wedding ceremony in Georgia?

Asked 24 Nov 2023 22:41:16
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24 Nov 2023 22:41:16 User  posted:

Hello friends! Please tell me where is the best place to hold a wedding ceremony in Georgia? Any recommendations for scenic or unique spots? What does the typical process look like and are there any local traditions that are typically included in weddings?


Replied 24 Nov 2023 22:41:55
24 Nov 2023 22:41:55 Siona Shent replied:
Hello! There are some stunning destinations that will make your big day unforgettable. The capital Tbilisi offers a mix of historical and modern sites, while vineyard regions such as Kakheti provide a picturesque backdrop. The process usually includes choosing a venue, catering and choosing decor. When it comes to traditions, Georgians have several beautiful customs such as toastmaster and Georgian dance.
Replied 24 Nov 2023 22:42:16
24 Nov 2023 22:42:16 User  replied:
Can you share more details about the specific places you mentioned? I'm especially drawn to the idea of a vineyard background. How difficult is it to navigate the planning process, especially for someone unfamiliar with the local situation? Do you recommend wedding planners to help make planning easier?
Replied 24 Nov 2023 22:44:25
24 Nov 2023 22:44:25 Siona Shent replied:
For a vineyard, I would recommend exploring places in Kakheti, known for its wine culture. Places like Chateau Mukhrani or Pheasant's Tears winery offer a unique combination of nature and celebration. The planning process may seem complicated at first, but there are excellent wedding planners in Georgia who can help you. I highly recommend wedding in georgia at shuwedd.com/ who specialize in weddings in Georgia. Their personalized packages cover everything from venue selection to decor and catering. I had a fantastic experience with them and they made my wedding truly memorable.
Replied 11 Dec 2023 15:46:10
11 Dec 2023 15:46:10 Piter Soldic replied:
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