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KUBOTA B7100 specs

Asked 24 Feb 2024 11:36:23
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24 Feb 2024 11:36:23 Wellton Wellton posted:
Dear friends, I need to get the complete technical information on a very old KUBOTA B7100 tractor. I have a 1979 model. Can you recommend a reliable technical source for tractors?


Replied 29 Feb 2024 15:29:09
29 Feb 2024 15:29:09 Orrakul 6 replied:
Did you get it without technical documentation? Try to check the manufacturer's website, it is the most reliable source of information. If this tractor model is no longer available there, you can look here www.tractor-specs.net/kubota/b7100.html , we regularly use this database to repair machines in our workshop.

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