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Trains schedule website or any channel?

Shared 06 Jun 2024 12:38:00
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06 Jun 2024 12:38:00 Tuy Pin posted:
Hello everyone,

I'm currently in Germany and need to find a reliable train schedule for traveling from Frankfurt to various other cities. Can someone recommend the best platform—whether it's a website, app, or any other source—that provides accurate and precise train timetables?

I've come across a few options, but I want to ensure I'm using the most up-to-date and user-friendly resource available. It’s crucial for me to have access to reliable information for both local and long-distance travel. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated, especially if you've had positive experiences with any particular service.


Replied 08 Jun 2024 19:37:26
08 Jun 2024 19:37:26 Forum Sol replied:
I'm also on it dude.
Replied 08 Jun 2024 19:38:04
08 Jun 2024 19:38:04 Forum Sol replied:
I also didn't found any reliable source.
Replied 08 Jun 2024 19:44:42
08 Jun 2024 19:44:42 User  replied:
For reliable train schedules in Germany, use the Deutsche Bahn website or the DB Navigator app to check db fahrplanauskunft. Both provide accurate, up-to-date timetables for local and long-distance travel, and allow for easy booking and real-time updates. They are user-friendly and widely trusted for travel across Europe.

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