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Excel Fiel Corrupt

Asked 11 Aug 2010 16:20:55
have this question
11 Aug 2010 16:20:55 M L posted:
I am using 1.1.3 and every time i try to export a recordset to excel (csv works fine) - i get the following message when i open it in Excel

"The document is corrupt and cannot be opened. To try and repair it, use the Open and Repair command in the Open dialog box and select Extract Data when prompted"

why is this happening? The reason i bought this extension was so i can export to excel?


Replied 12 Aug 2010 11:50:17
12 Aug 2010 11:50:17 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello M L,

Which MS Office version you are using?

Replied 12 Aug 2010 16:33:56
12 Aug 2010 16:33:56 M L replied:
Office 2010
Replied 16 Aug 2010 09:38:43
16 Aug 2010 09:38:43 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello ML,

That is known issue with Office 2010. There seems to be some incompatibility. That is because in the time of developing the Universal Data Exporter Office 2010 was not available for testing.
Developers are warned about this issue and hopefully will come up with an Update. My advice is until that time to use instead of binary export the HTML export.

Replied 04 Sep 2011 13:30:09
04 Sep 2011 13:30:09 Alex Krenvalk replied:
For restore lost or corrupted xls files you may use repair excel 2007. It has different facilities for resolving out almost every issues with xls workbooks. The tool starts under all Windows OS and system configurations of your system.
Replied 26 Nov 2013 21:58:09
26 Nov 2013 21:58:09 Matt Penn replied:
has this issue been resolved? I am getting the same error using 1.1.5 version of the extension.
Replied 29 Mar 2016 13:15:28
29 Mar 2016 13:15:28 Firdaus Rohman replied:
Hello. I also have the same 5 year old problem.

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