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export one record to pdf file and e-mail attachment

Asked 15 Jan 2012 21:48:54
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15 Jan 2012 21:48:54 Jean Pierre Valls posted:
I use Universal Data Exporter PHP, I understood how to export a pdf file and make a copy. But I can not delete table.
I want to get the detailed recording of a single pdf file, and to provide the e-mail attachment.
this is my record displayed on my page

Fiche N° 10
Civilité : Mr.
Nom Martin
Prénom Marcel
Date et lieu de naissance 01/01/1955 à Lyon
Adresse :1 rue de la paix 75001 Paris
I want to get the same thing to a pdf file, is it possible?

Excuse my English, I'm a French user.


Replied 16 Jan 2012 09:57:46
16 Jan 2012 09:57:46 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Jean Pierre Valls.

Please read the manual of the extension:
Universal Data Exporter PHP Manual

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