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Export a single page from a pdf ID

Asked 07 Jan 2013 15:46:19
have this question
07 Jan 2013 15:46:19 Jean Pierre Valls posted:

I want to get a PDF file from a page generated from my database.
The content of this comes from several tables and display represents a record, such as an invoice for a customer.
Question: Can I get from this extension, and how.
Thank you for your answers.

Excuse my English, I am a French user.


Replied 25 Mar 2013 07:43:07
25 Mar 2013 07:43:07 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Jean,

Your export can be only in Table view. It can't handle a page to PDF.

Replied 25 Mar 2013 08:37:17
25 Mar 2013 08:37:17 Jean Pierre Valls replied:

I found a solution thanks to html2pdf

Thank you

Replied 15 Feb 2016 06:00:09
15 Feb 2016 06:00:09 User  replied:
I wonder do you have any idea about text extraction from pdf files? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Replied 15 Feb 2016 08:23:43
15 Feb 2016 08:23:43 Jean Pierre Valls replied:
I have to help you find this : www.grafikart.fr/tutoriels/php/generer-pdf-html2pdf-167
French tutoriel.
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