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Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims in the UK: What You Need to Know

Reported 09 May 2023 17:31:59
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09 May 2023 17:31:59 Zakir Ahmed posted:
A misdiagnosis is when a doctor fails to diagnose a patient’s condition, or misdiagnoses the severity of it. This can have serious consequences for patients, who may go untreated for longer than they should have been.

It’s important that you know what constitutes a misdiagnosis and what your legal rights are if this happens to you and a cancer misdiagnosis claim is the way out.

Why do misdiagnoses happen?

There are many reasons why misdiagnoses happen. The most common reason is that the doctor didn’t consider all of your symptoms, or they failed to consider alternative diagnoses. They may also have not considered all possible tests and treatments, or they may not have taken into account your medical history or family history.

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