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Installed, uploading, just opens photo - solved

Asked 09 Mar 2010 04:58:02
have this question
09 Mar 2010 04:58:02 Chuck Borrelli posted:
I am a bit troubled by this... thought it would work easily:

uploaded all of the support files. But when you click on the thumbnail, no light box. It just opens up the photo in the browser.

No lightbox affect. I guess I will go back to greybox (which does work nicely).

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Replied 15 Mar 2010 12:11:00

Problem was that references of the script files where in wrong order. Now fixed after a Live Chat Support Session.



Replied 09 Mar 2010 05:32:12
09 Mar 2010 05:32:12 Chuck Borrelli replied:
Okay, I built another gallery on a basic page, not based on the template:

and here it works. Is it possible there is a conflict with the Universal Navigation Menu?
Replied 09 Mar 2010 06:13:00
09 Mar 2010 06:13:00 Chuck Borrelli replied:
Just added it to a simple site here:

and it works.
Replied 15 Mar 2010 12:11:00
15 Mar 2010 12:11:00 Miroslav Zografski replied:

Problem was that references of the script files where in wrong order. Now fixed after a Live Chat Support Session.

Replied 23 Aug 2012 19:49:54
23 Aug 2012 19:49:54 Randy Jeide replied:
I am having the same issue. I created a lightbox but when live and thumbs are clicked it just opens the image. No cool lightbox effects. I've uploaded the support files as far as I can tell.

Replied 27 Jan 2013 00:30:42
27 Jan 2013 00:30:42 Luis Diaz replied:
I am having the same problem. Although everything was working fine earlier today.

Replied 27 Jan 2013 01:11:21
27 Jan 2013 01:11:21 Luis Diaz replied:
Aha! I got it now.

Took your mention of the script files being in the wrong order as a great hint.

Created a brand new blank page and inserted the lightbox gallery to see what order those script references were supposed to be in. Works now!
Replied 21 Nov 2013 00:12:30
21 Nov 2013 00:12:30 Cain Goettelman replied:
This fix is not working for me. Following is the order for the scripts inserted into the header as performed by the plugin:

<!--[if IE]><script type="text/javascript" src="../dmx/lib/excanvas-compressed.js"></script><![endif]-->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../dmx/widgets/Lightbox/styles/default/style.css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="../ScriptLibrary/jquery-latest.pack.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="../dmx/dmx.core.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="../dmx/widgets/Lightbox/dmx.lightbox.js"></script>

Following is the code used to call the light box for the various images on the page:
<td align="center"><a href="../productPage/holideer-reindeer.jpg" rel="dmxLightbox" title="Holideer Cheer" rev="{width:600, height:551, preset:'minimalistic', group:'FreeT'}">[img]../productPage/thumbs/holideer-reindeer.jpg" alt="Merry ChristMoose" height="96" border="0" align="middle" /></a>
<td align="center">&nbsp;</td>
<td align="center"><a href="../productPage/Yo-HoHo-polar-bear.jpg" rel="dmxLightbox" title="Yo Ho Ho Bear" rev="{width:600, height:551, preset:'minimalistic', group:'FreeT'}">[img]../productPage/thumbs/Yo-HoHo-polar-bear.jpg" alt="Yo Ho Ho Bear" width="105" border="0" align="middle" /></a></td>
<td align="center">Holideer Cheer</td><td align="center">&nbsp;</td>
<td align="center">Polar Bear</td>
<tr><td colspan="3"><hr color="#666666" width="90%"></td></tr>
<td align="center"><a href="images/freeTs/Caution-women-wining_350.jpg" rel="dmxLightbox" title="Caution Women Wining" rev="{width:600, height:551, preset:'minimalistic', group:'FreeT'}">[img]images/freeTs/Caution-women-wining_150.jpg" width="150" height="100" alt="Caution Women Wining" /></a></td>
<td align="center"><a href="../productPage/Prancing-Stars.jpg" rel="dmxLightbox" title="Prancing with the Stars" rev="{width:600, height:551, preset:'minimalistic', group:'FreeT'}">[img]../productPage/thumbs/Prancing-Stars.jpg" width="105" height="96" alt="Baa Humbug" border="0" align="middle" /></a></td>
<td align="center"><a href="../productPage/baaa-humbug.jpg" rel="dmxLightbox" title="Baa Humbug Sheep" rev="{width:600, height:551, preset:'minimalistic', group:'FreeT'}">[img]../productPage/thumbs/baaa-humbug.jpg" width="105" height="96" alt="Ba Humbug Sheep" border="0" align="middle" /></a>
<td align="center">Women Wining</td>
<td align="center">Prancing with the Stars</td><td align="center">Baa Humbug Sheep</td>
<tr><td colspan="3"><hr color="#666666" width=90%"></td></tr>

I reinstalled the script and created a fresh test page. The light box does not function there either.

Can you tell me what I am missing?
Replied 13 Jul 2015 17:36:32
13 Jul 2015 17:36:32 Carey Chelenza replied:
I am having problems too, when you click on the thumbnail, no light box. It just opens up the photo in the browser. Can you tell me how to fix the order of the references of the script files ?

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