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Problems with latest Lightbox version - need help!

Reported 21 Sep 2011 06:59:48
have this problem
21 Sep 2011 06:59:48 Simon Howell posted:
Started an online chat with Teodor this morning. Tried uninstalling Lightbox and re-installing. Fixed it partially. Here is the latest:

When you click on the image, the background gradient loads and you can see the circle with an X to close the window, but that's all.

When I preview it using the Live Lightbox mode it looks fine.

Would appreciate a quick response - impatient customer because previously it was working fine.


Replied 21 Sep 2011 10:40:58
21 Sep 2011 10:40:58 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Simon,

Your lightbox scripts ( especially jquery-latest.pack.js and maybe some other 1 ore 2) are not updated.
Please, delete the script file jquery-latest.pack.js and the dmx folder and reapply the extension so it could copy the needed files anew.

Replied 21 Sep 2011 15:57:33
21 Sep 2011 15:57:33 Simon Howell replied:
Ok that worked. I think what happened was I have the nivo slider in my DW template. Is it possible that the version of the jquery latest file is different in nivo slider to the lightbox version? Alternatively when I added the lightbox to the individual pages it may have added a second link to the jquery latest file. Could that have caused the conflict perhaps?

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