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nothing works after the days

Asked 14 Jan 2014 18:18:43
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14 Jan 2014 18:18:43 sophie corchia posted:
I just loaded the update and it does not work. It churns in vacuum.
I have loaded all the files on the server.
I use CS5 and I'm charging the MXP release.
What to do?
thank you


Replied 14 Jan 2014 18:40:08
14 Jan 2014 18:40:08 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:

Please provide a link to your page where we can check the issue.
Replied 14 Jan 2014 20:00:01
14 Jan 2014 20:00:01 sophie corchia replied:
I am very upset because all my pages no longer fontionneent. There must be a conflict. I just recherger the old version.
My light box, My billboard1 and my ajax form no longer works.!

Universal form valador:
Replied 15 Jan 2014 15:56:15
15 Jan 2014 15:56:15 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
The pages you sent work, but they are not using the latest version of the extensions.
The issue is most probably caused by and old script file that was not updated on your server (you did not upload it there) after installing the updates.

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