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YouTube video using html5 video player in Lightbox not displayed

Reported 27 Jan 2014 08:21:08
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27 Jan 2014 08:21:08 David Woolley posted:
Hi - I'm trying to display a YouTube video using html5 video player in Lightbox.
I've created a separate page for the HTML5 video - this works fine. But when I link the video page to a lightbox, there is just a black screen. I tested other pages/images with the same lightbox and no problem.



Replied 04 Feb 2014 08:53:53
04 Feb 2014 08:53:53 David Woolley replied:
Any comments on this problem?
I've resorted to using the Dreamweaver CS6 Open Browser Window behavior for displaying these videos, but a bit old hat ...

Replied 04 Feb 2014 10:17:39
04 Feb 2014 10:17:39 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hi David,

We are currently investigating the issue.
Replied 19 Oct 2016 17:32:29
19 Oct 2016 17:32:29 David Woolley replied:
Has this been resolved yet?

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