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Section of billboard is not recognized by lightbox as a 'group (gallery)' - Lightbox to center?

Reported 14 Sep 2014 09:10:22
has this problem
14 Sep 2014 09:10:22 Roland Kelm posted:
Hello DMXzone,
I’m using „Sliding Billboard“ with the autodetected „DMXzone Lightbox“. As far as I can see it works pretty good. But there are just to things I‘d like to change or customize:
1. What can I do, that the pictures in a section of the Billboard are recognized by Lightbox as a ‚group or gallery‘ and not only as standalone pics?
2. How can I customize Lightbox in a way, that the Items, as to say the pictures, always will appear in the center, but not ‚left‘ ‚top‘ ?
Best regards…

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