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Is there a size limit - resolved

Asked 08 Dec 2010 20:30:56
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08 Dec 2010 20:30:56 Mike Hicks posted:
Hey guys - is there a limit to the size you can make a billboard? I am using it currently on a site and the site will be undergoing some design updates next month.....I want to know how big I can make a billboard (a size within reason of course) and not run into problems (if any).


Replied 17 Dec 2010 10:40:01
17 Dec 2010 10:40:01 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Mike,

Could you please describe your idea a little more detailed?
Replied 17 Dec 2010 21:31:58
17 Dec 2010 21:31:58 Mike Hicks replied:
What I wanted to know is can I make the sliding billboard any size that I 600 px x 400 px or is there a limit on how big I can make it?
Replied 17 Dec 2010 21:35:01
17 Dec 2010 21:35:01 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hi Mike,

There is no problem to use 600 x 400 as size. Actually there is not such a limit. Although if you make a billboard 2000x3000 it may lag in some older browsers
Replied 22 Dec 2010 21:25:57
22 Dec 2010 21:25:57 Mike Hicks replied:
Thanks Teodor - while I won't be going that big, I will increase the size of the sliding billboard I have up.

Happy Holidays!

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