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Reported 02 Mar 2012 19:58:41
has this problem
02 Mar 2012 19:58:41 thomas strmiska posted:
strange thing:
im working on mac pro osx 10.7.3, cs5.5. at my office and at home on my mac book pro osx 10.7.3, cs 5.5.
i have the same project with same preferences - CR LF(Windows)
when i want to import a picture-folder into billboard, on mac pro the pictures are copied into the target folders.
but on my mac book, they don´t. there in my site the path of the pictures is set correct in the code, but the destination folders are empty.
i´m working on both computers in my web-root directory.

also cannot open animated thumbnail gallery on mac book pro.
error message:

error loadinguser settings:


"undefined" is not an object

meantime i deleted all dmx extensions from the extension manager and installed new.
but nothing changed.
also cleared cache as you described.

today i desinstalled dreamweaver completely and installed new.
but on open the deinstalled extensions are loaded, allthough they don´t appear in the extensions manager.

what could that be???



Replied 03 Mar 2012 21:42:49
03 Mar 2012 21:42:49 thomas strmiska replied:
ok-solved the problem by myself!

the root web directory must be on the system-disk of the macbook pro.
i put my root-folder on an external harddisk, connected via usb!
if you do so, the CR LF(Windows) doesn´t work and you can´t copy files into the destination folders. also the animated thumbnail gallery doesn´t work and you get error-code.
the preview from a dreamweaver site is also not shown in safari, chrome or firefox.

after putting the webfolder to my desktop (systemdisk) all worked perfect.
i think the reason is, that the paths to the applications couldn´t be found.


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