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Strange line :-)

Asked 27 Aug 2010 11:46:08
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27 Aug 2010 11:46:08 Denis Hoffmann posted:

can I delete that line of code:

<div class="dmxAbout">Generated by <a href="">HTML5 Slideshow Dreamweaver Extension</a> 1.0.1</div>



Replied 27 Aug 2010 12:27:00
27 Aug 2010 12:27:00 k m replied:
that is just dmx about display, if you don't want it delete it, though it may be recreated by the extension. whether it is there or not does not make a difference for the slideshow to perform
Replied 27 Aug 2010 17:59:36
27 Aug 2010 17:59:36 George Petrov replied:
Yes we use it for version indication. So now I can see you are using an old version. It is not visible to the user.

Replied 28 Aug 2010 14:29:29
28 Aug 2010 14:29:29 Denis Hoffmann replied:
No, I use the latest version, if I can belive the extension manager, so, the LINK does not work ;-) see image

By the way, the fade function does not work, it is selected but not in the code.:-(

Replied 10 Sep 2010 16:29:12
10 Sep 2010 16:29:12 Denis Hoffmann replied:
so I can delete that link?

cause it does not show the right version i am using, i use the latest version :-)

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